Sunday, August 22, 2010

A lighter note: Photos before the storm

There was a storm on the horizon, if you will, so I ran out and snapped photos before the rains came in here on the farm.

Enjoy :)

Our riding arena

The gals free ranging

Creamer's LF Dutchess Dream, one of our Doelings

Barnevelder pullet

The hens

The boys - very good pals

Liz, our QH mare and Lady Ann, our Arab mare

Liz - our Quarter Horse Mare



Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds. For riches are not for ever: and doth the crown endure to every generation? The hay appeareth, and the tender grass sheweth itself, and herbs of the mountains are gathered. The lambs are for thy clothing, and the goats are the price of the field. And thou shalt have goats' milk enough for thy food, for the food of thy household, and for the maintenance for thy maidens

- Proverbs 27:23-27

"I know of no pursuit in which more real and important services can be rendered to any country than by improving its agriculture, its breed of useful animals, and other branches of a husbandman's cares."

- George Washington