Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vet visit Update

I write this for those who are following this story to see a happy ending, to update those who have been kind and donated towards her care and to let those who are thinking about ways they might help know things they can do.

Since I have received some kind donations, I want to be as open about the care of this mare AS POSSIBLE, the costs, the treatment, etc. . .

Above is a scan of the vet's report today

We will be picking up her meds when they come in tomorrow or the next day.

I expect that to run $200 - the call charge and exam fee is $60

Our vet highly recommended boots on all four feet.


If bought at Jeffers, they would be a tad under $100.

If ANYONE has any in her size (can measure, just email) that you do not need
or if you would like to buy a set of 4, 2 or even just one:


The above link has the cheapest I can find, and orders of $50 have free shipping.

I can give you my shipping address, if anyone if interested in doing this as a way to help the mare.

He said she will need to wear them for 6-12 months.
****ABOVE revised - someone has offered to generously purchase boots for her!

He felt the wound on the pastern is healing well, recommended collasate spray, which we've had good luck with in the past on livestock and equine injuries, and he said to keep wrapping, as we have already been doing.

He said her teeth looked pretty good, but her age looked to be at least 8 years old, not 6 as we'd thought.

You can donate today or tomorrow directly to Brown Veterinary since we will not have to pay the bill until we pick up the medications on order:

Bute in powder form for 60 days
Chlorhexidine for soaking - 1 gallon
Collasate Spray - I bottle
SMZ tablets - 500 count

It is a LOT of help if you can just cross post this to email, facebook, forums and blogs you frequent.



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