Life is about Your Happiness. . .Hold on a moment. I've gotten that jumbled.

Life is about Your Happiness, we are taught this over and over.

But truly, Life is actually about imparting Happiness. 

Oh, that is awkward. 

That changes everything.

I've been hauling my children along on attempts to serve others (human and non) for a long time. I have sometimes agonized over my endeavors as society in America works in such a way, spending time working for "Good" instead of for your family's happiness is a mistake, a failure.

They should be first.

Wait, let me re-phrase, as I'm not talking about their need to know they are loved, given shelter and nourishment, I'm talking where we are in America with our own lives and the lives we hold in our hands.

We are a country where wants operate under the misnomer of “needs," and from the time children are born, we teach this as truth through all we do, even though it may be unintentional. . .this generations shows children are learning these lessons very well.

Pandering masquerades as “parenting” and sets a tone for the generations that follow our own offspring where selflessness is some fringe activity only. Not required, certainly not something you spend "too" much time with, either.

We teach happiness comes from what we receive and attain for ourselves. We teach that success is what we gain not what we give.

Giving is an after thought; it usually means giving a bit of money and rarely time or sweat or tears and certainly not our entire being. At least not beyond a pre-scheduled few hours through the year.

We fail to teach really living is never possible apart from giving in whatever means our hand can find a way to do so. . .

What type of people are raised if they are certain, as parents show them daily, the world revolves around their quest for personal happiness, around fun?

I fall into the trap even though something within me knows better. I find myself pondering whether I've failed as parent because I've allowed service and volunteerism to be paramount to ever other option thing in life, often serving as quite the hindrance for having a "normal" family life.

But there are those moments I sit in the barn milking one of my goats, and the littlest boy of mine says at barely 5 years old. . .

"You know, Mommy, I've thought about what I will save when I grow up. . ."

The 6 year old chimes in. . .
"I'm going to save horses like you. . ."

the non-conformist, at 13, adds, while he can't get on board so much with the livestock and horses,

"I've already said before I will rescue dogs, for sure"

The middle one explains it all to well at the end with, "Because life is about saving things, Mommy."

“Why yes, darling, it is," I add.

And I remind myself to now become swept up in American ideology.

It is never easy. It is never without questions. But perhaps it will always be right.

(The picture has a story, but rather than tell it all. . .suffice to say it began with a horse rescue many years ago, and it the next day, with 3 sleeping kids in a vehicle. . .loved, fed on the go and ending a mission)