Monday, January 18, 2016

The Action Plan for 2016 and Raw Milk in WV

West Virginia Folks, please Do Not Grow Weary with this fight to gain Food Freedom. (with easy to clink links)

Food Freedom Advocates in West Virginia, Our Bills are up in the House

please contact the Senate and House and friends who may be interested or unsure about raw milk to:
The Raw Milk Symposium
in Charleston, West Virginia on
January 22, 2016 at 4:00pm located at
Panera Bread
3000 Charleston Town Ctr, Charleston, West Virginia 25320

Plan to attend, if you can. Share the press release here with all media outlets.

As of 1/13/16:

The House Real Milk Sales Bill #2448 is up now

The House Herdshares bill #2449 is up now

The Delegates and Senators we have spoken to have said all 2015 bills that which received a Veto by the Governor are this year's priority.  This includes the Herdshares bill.

Please review this link that shows how the House and the Senate voted last year:

Take time to email, through the links at the end of this post, as many Senators and House members as possible in the coming weeks and months.

Remind those that did not support the Bill(s) in '14 and '15, they are elected servants of the people, and as such, it is their duty to uphold Your Freedom and that will never include infringing on the right of the people to chose their foods or regulate the co-ownership of livestock.

IF NEEDED: Use these links for solid information on the safety and economics of raw milk, then Use this one for the Freedom aspects.

There are many more excellent links online, especially:

I know many of your have been fighting this with me a long time, and you know your material as good or better than I. Use your judgement. What one political body need to hear may not be what the next needs to hear.

January 26th is a Local Food Lobby day for the public. I will be there, and I encourage you to be there. Nothing says "We are informed and expect action" like a presence at the capitol. You do not have to speak directly, if you do not wish, to legislators, but you can go along with those who are and be a firm presence. Register here.

Remind those who have been against the bill, you are aware of the National Milk Producers Federation, Commercial Dairy Lobby special interest group which thanked our state governor last year when he vetoed a bill that passed by a landslide and spent almost 1/2 a Million dollars lobbying against efforts such a these (SB30).  You can pose the question of how much of that money ended up in the pockets of Politicians for this Lobby group to publicly thank our Governor, as well.

The 2015 Herdshare bill passed the house by a landslide, so Your Focus must be the Senate. Thank the members of the House, which are many, who have long supported this legislation. While sales seem unlikely, we do need to keep working on those, but if you work hard, WE WILL have sales in 2016.

Keep in mind to STAY in constant contact, emailing weekly if possible. Again, this is the link to the list here showing you HOW the senate and house voted, composing your emails accordingly.



Your personal thoughts are always best, and phone calls are really good ideas to follow up after your emails.

It doesn't need to be lengthy. It should be firm and professional. Keep it to the point, express how important this freedom is and using a single link to good information outside of the email is ideal.

2016 is the year if you do not grow weary and faint, folks. Stay the Course.



Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds. For riches are not for ever: and doth the crown endure to every generation? The hay appeareth, and the tender grass sheweth itself, and herbs of the mountains are gathered. The lambs are for thy clothing, and the goats are the price of the field. And thou shalt have goats' milk enough for thy food, for the food of thy household, and for the maintenance for thy maidens

- Proverbs 27:23-27

"I know of no pursuit in which more real and important services can be rendered to any country than by improving its agriculture, its breed of useful animals, and other branches of a husbandman's cares."

- George Washington