Monday, July 4, 2016

Common Goat kid illness: Summer Pneumonia

This is, behind Coccidia, probably the number one killer of goat kids.

It sneaks up on the new or inexperienced goat owner, and before you know the animal is ill (especially if you aren't bottle raising), the kid has died quickly.

"Wet weather, hot temperatures coupled with high
humidity can be very stressful to goats. This type of pneumonia is a silent killer in many
cases. One morning the goat appears fine, and that afternoon he is down and dying."

This summer has been a prime set up for this awful illness, and you will find it in calves, as well.

At the first sign a kid doesn't run for his bottle, finish the whole bottle, seems to lag behind, cough or just seem a bit off, reach a temperature and get BANAMINE and Nuflor or another good RX antibiotic like Baytril or Naxcel started right away. You DO NOT HAVE TIME to waste. Kids will not just get over this illness.

Learn about treatment options here and here



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- Proverbs 27:23-27

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