Thursday, March 31, 2016

We are "something," too

Becoming "something" usually requires pieces be put together or molded from one shape to another, to another, to another overtime. . .

And in fact, We are "something," too

You and I . .all of us.

To be able to see something finished, there is a process. It usually isn't fun. Think about when you brought home a box that fit neatly in the backseat of your Civic, but when opened, you see 1,200 pieces which somehow fit together to make an entertainment center and the directions are in Korean. Right? You have been there.

Not only have we all been there literally, we are quite the same.

Who knew we had so much in common with the boxed entertainment set from Korea, eh?

When assembling much of anything, some pieces are attached or shaped harshly. Then when we can't figure it out, we leave a few pieces off to make due until completion is possible. Some bits are applied with extreme pressure, some pieces seem to take forever to fit, some snap right in hastily. Then others are added with care, with consideration, with precision, with such thought. Maybe those, we know, will not be hidden in the back, but will be out there for everyone to see? Sometimes piece gets torn off, they do not work, they are lost, they need reworked.

Not entirely unlike the Korean boxed furniture, You're being shaped, but thankfully, unlike mere objects, you are the author, and even if you cannot find the "directions," you do have what it takes to figure it out and be in control of what you become, even if it feels as if that is not always the case.

Never blame your end result on another person or instance, be it good or be it bad.

Each day, you are adding, removing or reshaping pieces. You.
Not someone or something else, folks.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Goats I Have Known:

These are photos through the years of some of our goat kids, grand kids and even great grand kids. . .

We are extremely proud of them all!

Some are kids we bred, some are kids out of bucks or does (or both) we've bred and sold


Flossie - Candy X Moses doe

Flossie - Candy X Moses doe

Rebecca - Candy x Cain doe

Hoss - Yearling buck from Candy X Moses

Candy X ACE Grandson in GA

Candy x Cain buck kid

ACE X Candy Buck kid 2011

Sophie X Moses Yearling doe

Moses daughter

Sophie x Moses / Spring x Cain grandson

Sophie x Moses / Spring x Cain granddaughter

Sophie x Moses / Spring x Cain granddaughter

Sophie x Moses doe, Candy X Moses doe kid

Dutchess x Moses granddaughter 

Dutchess x Moses granddaughters

Ages Ago in Missouri's Susie Price said of the sire of these kids:
Eli just clicks so with well with old lines I love. We could not be more pleased with Eli's babies.. he has yet to disappoint me.. no matter which doe we've bred him to.

Dutchess x Moses granddaughters

Dutchess x Moses son

Becca daughter

Moses x Sophie FF Doe 
Sophie x Cain doe

Sophie x Cain doe rear udder

Sophie X Cain grand daughter, Dutchess x Moses great grand daughter

Bianca x Stuck son
Bianca X Albert doe kid

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Caprine Campaign

The Caprine Campaign
There is some type of innate connection to dogs in man developed over thousands of years.
They are our companions, living with and working for us, generation after generation. They miss us, are excited to see us and give back a devotion our human counterparts usually cannot.
Most of us will never know there are other animals that have looked to man with as much devotion, and arguably given back even more.
I certainly did not grow up believing this. . .
I am so deeply thankful my boys have been afforded this knowledge from their beginning.
Quiet, soothing, personable, charming and ridiculously smart, I think goats have no rival.
I wish I could go back and have known them as I do now for my entire life.
I could be without cows, horses and dogs. I confess I would not wish to be. . .
But to be without goats once I've known them.
Oh, no.
Not ever.

My take on Heroin, Raw Milk and Joe Fincham

I think it would be fair to say when I saw Joe as he was leaving an interview with Tom Roten, and I was coming in to be on the show, he told me in person he would support the raw milk herdshare bill, so I find this a bit conflicting.

Beyond that, prescription drug abuse has been running rampant for years. We’ve encouraged addiction with suboxone and methadone or cost tax payers a fortune locking addicts up a short time to return them, in no better shape, back to the streets.

Please explain why heroin is so much more important, when fairly it is something a person decides to use (initially), than restoring the rights of law abiding farmers and consumers through agriculture. Dare one suggest agriculture is not one of the most important aspects of a nation’s economy? Few could argue such a thing. Farming is vital to a strong economy. The ability to purchase and work with our local small farmers is vital to health, independence and a sense of community.

Studies show every $1 earned on the farm equals $5-7 for the local community. How about we encourage citizens to create and buy in our LOCAL counties, folks.

How does boosting the income of many small farmers across West Virginia who are raising dairy animals by 10-40,000 dollars or more a year prove to be anything less than significantly important? I think a lot of folks are too far removed from the farm and food you eat to know any better than dismiss farmers and the impact of buying local. Those two things are a part of why this state has failed to thrive.

The Department of Agriculture in Michigan concluded a multi-year study on herdshares, raw milk and the economic impact. They came out in strong support at the end of this exhaustive study. Why? Economics, largely.

When one says American Farmers’ Survival does not matter, Americans’ choice concerning what they eat is trivial, one must accept that it will hardly be long before the same tyranny which robbed that Farmer of his survival is going to be knocking at your door to take a freedom “You” do care about.
What about supporting efforts to battle heroin addiction?

Well, the best method to reduce addiction levels is not as simple as “more laws”. . .

How about we turn this place into a liberty minded state with a strong and diverse economy? Novel concept. Not as easy as waving the magic “law wand”.

Let us give young people outstanding educations with many opportunities. See how the addiction levels drop. How about we let these kids see that welfare and disability is not an occupation path through the presentation of many options that clearly outshine addiction and poverty?

How many reasons have we given these people to believe there is anything better to live for than surviving in a numb state where they do not need to focus on the depressed, impoverished location they abide in now?


More laws? You jest, correct?

“Pass laws to support recovery, deter drug traffickers and empower law enforcement” the author says – I am sorry, this isn’t the answer.

Anyone who believes laws will answer this problem must know very few addicts personally and over the long term.

The legal view? Hardly a full picture.

If you do not know about the problem first hand, from the addicts’ side, the socio-economic side, the family side, then please, just sit down. You have nothing to offer to this epidemic of value.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Politics, Friends and a Common Ground

Politics and friends.

It is bizarre. It is cruel.

 It is an experience. 

 Animal Rescue generally lends to working with those who are often quite liberal. Farming is a mixed bag. You get radical liberals and conservatives. I'm fairly conservative, by and large, but then I deviate into liberty and liberal waters, too. Whatever all that means. I'm a farmer and animal advocate. Already, it seems strange to most folks. I'm a Christian who believes in the ability to live freely, where you are accountable for personal choice when it is all said and done, not to the religious folks in the here and now.

There are a few areas I lean quite left. There are areas where I am fairly libertarian (which is really neither conservative or liberal).

I know this nation is divided.

I live here, too. . . if that is news to you, so be it.

I know we demonize everyone who doesn't think like we think. It means you. It means me. It means us.

I've done the same. I do it now, sometimes. Then I remember. . .

We believe "they" are:








Believe in Jesus too much.

Do not believe in Jesus at all.

Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Dear me.

Then we come to realize "they" work beside us doing the same things we do, with the same passion.

We might remember their children are friends of our children.

We might recall how they helped us when we had a need. . .

And Sometimes, we might remember, these people who believe unlike we do are none (or few) of the above, and still, they do not agree with us.

Imagine that, If you can.

I cannot claim to know what that means. But it seems a fact.

I've found I cannot classify a person's value based on if they support a President I could not possibly. . .or on whether they could support a president I could.

There are so many different understandings of words out there, yet how sure we are "our" understanding of them and  they our understanding is all that is correct.

Some folks interpret liberty in a way I never will. They believe in love in a way I haven't extended it or they believe in what seems bad or  inferior me.

Do I care deeply about my interpretation of freedom, rights, economics and ethics?

I do. They are not lightly held. My goodness. Never lightly.

Do I believe that what you actually do matters more than what you say and who you endorse for president?

I do.

I want you to care so much about people and this world, you do all can fathom to make it better than before.

I believe, even if you do not, that we are the hands and body of Christ. I believe you must use that body. . .I pray eventually you will come to believe this same thing, but even if you never do, I will never decide your value exists only on your political theories and positions.

As a conservative, liberty minded, tree hugging farmer and rescuer, IF and when I see you giving 1,000% more than most to make this world kinder, better, more decent, more full of what is good. . .

I promise I will not determine your worth if you vote a way I would not.

Would I ponder this issue with you in person? Sure. Would I wonder why we differ? Yes. Would I decide you were without value? I hope not.

Perhaps you will afford me the same decency.

Maybe we will learn something worthwhile by that type of friendship?

So, this is where my cares fall.

In Ending . . .

How you live matters. What you say somehow matters much less than what you do.

What you do with your hands and heart and life can change everything.

Go change this mess with your body. Your words, my words. . .they will not do it.

I haven't seen and lived where you have. I haven't worked in the areas you have. I  haven't carried the things you have carried.

Yet, I do live in the same world.

I want to know why decent people have such a gap between them.

Do I believe the truth matters?

Do I believe the truth is black and white?


But I've seen those who believe the polar opposite 
politically work beside me, work for all I work for and fight for what I know is worth something.

This holds more value than a political candidate selection, more than a Party affiliation ever could.

If you do not understand this, perhaps you are talking more than you're doing. . .

and you've already failed.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Please know that you can still be "good" everywhere your hands find a need, and that is enough. Everywhere your hand finds. . .

Please know that you can still be "good" everywhere your hands find a need, and that is enough. Everywhere your hand finds. . .

The talent in this world we live in blows my mind daily.

When I see beautiful, wacky and amazing things, this goes through my mind: "My goodness! I am so inferior to the level of excellence out there in so many areas.

Why do I not try harder at something?"

I have spent many of my 34, years, wishing I could dedicate enough of me to a single "thing," so that in some amount of time, I could look back and say,

"Wow, I really conquered that point. I've achieved some high level of excellence."

Yet, I've realized it is not my nature lately. And that is that. Be it good or be it bad. I am some strange person of no "one" passion.

I love those who are able to give a single thing all they have.

Envy it, really.

They inspire me in my muddled pursuits of various endeavors to be a bit better at 12 things, at least. Not excellent, though. I wish I could concentrate on a single area. I think how much good or worth I might add to a spot if I could focus on but 1 thing.


It is simply not within me, folks.

I suppose my friends could and would tell you that keeping my attention is no easy thing; here and there I am, without fail, all over during any given conversation.

I dabble as a photographer. I'm reasonably good. Not particularly inspired, not great. Not bad. I am quick to tell those who asked, I am dabbling only. I have spent years upgrading equipment and learning photoshop only to admit my heart has never been in it enough to be a cut above mediocre. It never will be. I simply like it.

I am a writer. I cannot deny it. I write things, and they are quick to come out and lovely and easy for me (though my here and there personality demands an editor for random words that do not belong often enough). But that isn't who I am. I feel sure I will never give it all I am to make this gift as excellent as it could be, Maybe all it should be. I suppose this one will be by biggest regret in the times to come.

I'm a talker. I am a speaker. I love to speak to a crowd. I love to inspire, talk to folks about things of value and create action. I am good at this. Yet, I have to be honest, I have never spent time expanding this gift, and I probably should have done so over the years. It just comes out, it is pretty good, and I settle there. Chances are, it will remain pretty good. Never amazing.

I work in equine rescue (but I'm no gifted rider), I raise dairy goats and cows (but don't show them), and I homeschool my children (basically by letting them learn through life and being feral).

I cannot tell you I have spent my life cultivating excellence in a particular area. I have spent time being better, not the best. . .not the very best.

I have settled as a "Jack of Many Trades," yet I am an "Ace at none."

But have I just settled?

While I spent my childhood dreaming of becoming an author, a jockey, a rescuer, a farmer, an artist, a photographer, a missionary and more. . . I think what I've realized is I am person inclined to be all there was within her. . .at once. I would have to give up on a lot I'm pretty good at to be amazing at one of these things.

That is something I cannot do. I am a remarkably steady while being flighty, bubbly, funny and then a very serious being. I am sad, and I am broken, but in some ways, the same person I was at 5 years old. I love shoes, over the top language and being able to make people believe in being kind and in themselves. I can't point that in just one place to a particular area of grand success.

I love goats, photos, stories, horses, what is good, my boys and Jesus. I cannot love any of these things less. I have tried and failed. I cannot give less to one in order to give more to the other. In order to be excellent. . .

I cannot direct who I am to a single area and feel I have done the right thing. I believe if I give everything I am to any thing I love, so much will be lost I care about, I withhold enough. . . And for those out there struggling because you haven't been able to concentrate on being the best at one thing because you're trying to do 200 things . . .

Please know that you can still be "good" everywhere your hands find a need, and that is enough. Everywhere your hands find. It is enough.

Monday, March 14, 2016

One of Many Lies We've Swallowed in 2016, and it is only March: Raw Milk Made No One Sick at the WV Legislature, but that Has Not Stopped the Media or the Sheeple

The Governor of West Virginia signed the 2016 Raw Milk Herdshare bill into law in March. This is a bill he vetoed in 2015.

This legislation reverses an older law that prohibited West Virginia residents from co-owning dairy livestock for the purpose of being able to use their animals’ milk without pasteurization.

Right now, a rumor that has been proven in many ways to be without merit has circulated nationwide that raw milk served to a few people at the capitol made them sick. This is not true. Many people at the capitol had norovirus and/or other viral illnesses during the week the milk was brought. A few who drank the milk caught the virus around the same time, but as you would imagine, a lot of people were sick that did not even see the milk brought, at the same time with the same symptoms.

We live in a society that does not care about the truth and is happy to perpetuate a lie at every single turn. Our media is dishonest about small and large matters. It is no surprise then that the puppets pretending to be Journalists have made fun of our state for this unfounded rumor for over a week now.

But the truth is we have a right to be proud that we have made progress for farmers and freedom with this legislation. This law matters a great deal, actually.

I cannot help but feel sorry for the citizens who are so poorly educated they do not understand better and have made no effort to learn the truth.

Let us face a stark fact: America is systemically being disenfranchised at every turn. We, as a whole people, have sat by; we allowed this to happen with almost no fight.

The opposition to this bill and the very fact we had to seek this legislation at all proves this out.

While almost every single state in the Nation, like Oregon and California and Pennsylvania, allow sales of raw milk, West Virginia has lagged behind. We are not doing something innovative with herdshare legalization.  We are coming at the tail end, a decade or many, late. As usual.

The so called “Food Freedom Fight,” a movement spearheaded by small farmers nationwide, is one of many movements birthed because of too many years of silence by too many Americans.

While we slept, we lost liberty after liberty with almost no protest.

We backslid. Some are so deep in the kool-aid even now, the populace sees no importance to "Food Freedom...

Unless you were already familiar with the Food Freedom movement, how many of you would have believed that any state in the nation would be so bold as to create a law that says an American citizen could not enter into a private contract to co-own and co-use livestock to gain a traditional food?

Would have believed that an entire government system was actually so broken and oppression-minded, they feel they MUST protect the people from “the people” by dictating where your food can originate and how you MUST cook it, as well? 

Maybe if they dictated what flavors your soda came in, maybe then you'd be upset? Maybe when they decide how much sugar you can put in your tea?  Maybe when the FDA decides to pre-cook your steaks, chicken and seafood to ultra well done before allowing you to buy it?

I must have misread our Founding Fathers . . . I could have sworn it was. . . “By the people” & “For the people.” Someone is confused here. Someone. . .but it is not I.

Here is a fact: Farm to consumer sales of all types are wrapped up in economics. This is a corporate oligopoly (a few entities dominating an industry) the American government is protecting; this revolves around the 80 PLUS billion dollar a year dairy industry that buys milk from dairy farmers for $1.00 a gallon. It isn't about keeping you SAFE.

Keep in mind, many large commercial dairy farms run at such a loss, they operate on tax payer funded welfare known as “Agriculture subsidies." These dairy farmers cannot make a living that is decent at that price, but they have no option for their milk sales outside of selling to these few companies, conglomerates like Kraft. So they continue to sell at poverty prices. The massive buyers of most all of the milk produced across the nation work hard to keep this multi billion dollar industry unable to operate without them.

Money is poured into lobbying against small farmers and consumers at every single turn. 


This funding assured the FDA and CDC and state Health Department propagate Real milk (raw) as dangerous to the public; they tout it as a volatile product that must be heavily regulated. Of course they do, this works in their interest. Remember, this effort  is about 80 plus BILLION dollars a year. People believe the propaganda, as people as usually want to do. 

Here we are.

What happens if raw milk sales suddenly becomes legal across the county, both intra and interstate sales? Not mass illness because we can see from current numbers from the CDC and FDA. What happens is the market controlled by Mass Corporations see some of their dairy farmers skipping the middle man and selling direct. You would not see farms operating at a loss giving away milk for $1 per gallon to big corporate buyers. That is a fact.

The actions by the government in American on our food system are not some type of unimportant joke a fringe group has taken up. Hardly.

Last time I checked, small farmers built this nation and feed this nation.

Fringe group? Hardly.

They matter. They matter to your health, your economics and your freedom

American farmers have been Terrorized for a decade across this county by the FDA and state law enforcement for simply selling real milk to informed Americans who desire to use it. There are no shortage of stories, though they fail to make the headlines in this biased Media environment.

The steps that have been taken systematically over decades concerning where our food comes from is one of an American Government siding with huge industry over the citizen.

Our wildly out of control government is demanding our food go through a middle man in order to assure mass profit to huge corporations. To ensure control is out of our hands.

Please realize this is about controlling that most important aspect of day to day life: Sustenance. Control Food = Control Everything.

Our most basic freedoms are eroded more and more each day. We sit back and talk and grumble. Some find themselves too disillusioned to even care anymore. But when consuming a traditional food becomes a hot bed for Civil Disobedience, We have to realize this Nation is in danger of heading down the wrong path, it is already half way to hell.

When one says American Farmers’ Survival does not matter, Americans’ choice concerning what they eat is trivial, one needs to also accept that it will hardly be long before the same tyranny which robbed that Farmer of his survival is going to be knocking at your door.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The most defining moment. . .

“You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back.”
― Barbara De Angelis

The most defining moment. . .

If we never know how others feel: what matters, what creates, what ruins. . .how are we to learn enough to matter in our lives?

Defining truth from just our personal experiences will always impede us from knowing enough.

We need those tales of "others" to show us things we may never otherwise understand, ever see.

Choosing my defining moment is a journey for me.

I have come back to this question many times since someone asked me some months ago.

It would be reasonable to say it was when I was young and taken advantage of; blamed myself, afraid I had done something terribly wrong and decided to be quiet for too long, creating a mindset that followed after far too many years.

That left an impact, to be sure.

Or when I met the most amazing fellow I will ever know . . .in a bar. . .of all places, Who would somehow end up being the constant that holds so much together here.

It might have said it was when my second son stopped breathing reflexes during an ultrasound when I was 7 months pregnant and was born through an emergency C-section or when the perinatologist told me an aortic aneurism meant living through my 3rd pregnancy was not especially likely, and yet, I delivered a healthy baby at 38 weeks.

No. Those aren't the moment.

That night I walked into the back of funeral home to see my father, a man I loved to the moon and back many times over, who was 86 years old, and looking at my mother to say, “I do not think he has ever looked so happy, so good," and I tried hard to be happy his journey that was so long and hard was over. . .

But I do not think any of those moments changed everything about who I am today. Those moments do not create the meaning of my life. . .they mean a great deal to me; that is not the same.

Because for me, only regret and a lesson that caused me to turn around and go in the opposite direction would mean enough.

I wasn't in control of those things. I am either happy or sad over then, but that isn't the same at all.

The night after my sister and brothers perished in a fire. . .

Wait, I am not telling you it was the actual night I stood in front of the building, flames separating me from all of them forever here,

I am telling you about the day after when I laid in the shower and remembered an argument I had with my 19 year old brother hours before I could never take the words back.

I never said a kind thing to him after those words. There is no going back. He got out of my car, and he was visibly shaken from what I had said. Theology. Of no value. Words and theory of no value.

He was a solemn, sincere boy. I was loud and loved to have my thoughts heard more than anything back then. What I said, in those last words to him, had no value at all, and he closed the door in tears. And he was gone. I could never right that wrong.

Can never right that wrong.

So you see, that was our end. He and I get no do overs.

And I have never felt so worthless and unable to go on before or since. . . I remember nothing more than that span of time. It is the moment I have found myself coming back to for nearly a decade since.

That moment defines who I was, who I will never be again, the moment I turned and decided to be better than I had been before. . . and I can say with assurance that moment comes back to me at the drop of a hat.

It left me destroyed, and it allowed me to be better than I was before. Better than I was before. Regret, repentance, a way to take faults and work forever to do better. . .

And that is who I am today.

You never learn from glossing over your mistakes, folks. You learn by admitting them and then walking in another direction, remembering what you've done so that you may do better as time goes.

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Raw Milk at the Capitol in West Virginia: A Rumor is Not News; What Happened to Journalism?

We seem to have turned into a Nation that does not care for the truth. I guess the truth is too boring for the fast paced, exciting lives we want to live (in our heads, mostly) these days. . .
I think I can remember a day where it was different; perhaps, that is simply wishful thinking. I will not report it as fact. I admit I cannot be sure.
As we co-exist these days with folks like Kim Kardshian, It is no wonder what is real is repugnant to society. If we didn’t love outlandish, foolish dishonesty, America would not love reality television, which is anything but real. Those folks who star in reality shows would just be more folks in sweat pants at Wal*mart.
The Outrageous is fashionable, and too often, the facts aren’t fun or fabulous or horrible enough to keep up with rumors, partial truths or outright lies. This is a world where even keeping a butt, ribs or nose God gave you is considered unacceptable, so I am not surprised the media caters to what we have become. What choice have we, as a people, provided?
I am just not yet willing to throw in the towel here in West Virginia with seven years of a very honest and worthwhile endeavoring in this issue and accept this mess while “sitting down,” though.
We are a Nation that loves a Lie. We are who is at fault with rumors become news. If the rumor didn’t concern something we care deeply about, we would not pause to consider how much merit this story had. We might even share it.
We prove in everything we do that we are okay with lies being presented to us as truth. We love this and expect it in everything we read, see, hear and do. We expect our own bodies, lives and children to live up to these fictional expectations. We are works more works fiction than we are of truth.
I cannot be surprised as I watch this (thus far) merit-less tale about milk making folks sick at the capitol be flung across the entire country’s media when there has yet to be single shred of evidence presented, where with the current information it was only notable enough to be on the Onion (as a work of satire), when I know this story is exactly what the people in American love to hear. It would not exist otherwise.
And You are responsible. And I am responsible.
A truthful headline like: “Almost everyone at the West Virginia Capitol has norovirus this week,” does not read nearly so engaging as, “Legislators who support raw milk drink it and get sick,” and so the Media goes with the latter because they know Us better than we like to admit.
A Rumor is News in America. It is news whether it concerns a Presidential candidate, an Alleged Rapist, Farmers or Food. Nothing is off limits.
What happened to Journalism? It became what we demanded.

Sensational Rumors, at this point, have been reported a fact or near fact; That is all.

West Virginia Raw Milk, there is no proof milk has made Legislators Sick: the media knows this

Days ago, long before the media inaccurately reported this tale, I received some information that a member of the House brought raw milk to the Floor to offer to those present to drink. I posted it, too. As it really was, by chance.
It was said suggested by those who had not been supportive of the Raw Milk Herdshare bill on that date that, when some members of the House of Delegates and staff were sick afterward, the illnesses could have been be due to the raw milk given out they chose to drink.The issue was, from the start, many were sick that had not consumed the raw milk on the day it was brought with the same symptoms at the same time.
Norovirus has been confirmed to be making the rounds, and it almost certainly was to blame. Members of the legislature have confirmed this is common at this time of the year, and that before the milk was brought, folks were already beginning to catch the virus. So why, when a known virus with easy to recognize symptoms and common this time of year is circulating to many at the capitol, blame raw milk? Because the government has done one thing right: they have accomplished building tremendous fear and hysteria around real food.
All direct and local sources I’ve spoken to have confirmed this story of raw milk illness to be an unfounded rumor. It is a tale without merit. Further, to date, no medical professional has come forward with evidence to confirm ( this is easy to prove from stool and blood culture/testing) that any illness was connected to food borne illness of any kind, let alone related to contaminated milk. Actually, one delegate’s doctor is reported to have confirmed to that legislator that raw milk was not related. Every single person who has been ill has dispelled the rumor. In a world concerned with honesty, not another word would have been said. Yet, Journalists have avoided the truth in order to sensationalize a story that doesn’t exist. They have opted to not interview those who have been confirmed ill at the Capitol that not only did not drink milk, were never even around milk. American Journalism at its finest. This attempt to damage farmers and local foods is sickening, but it shows what a warped and disconnected society we have become.Too few reading these media reports are bothering to fact check. We, the people, are as much to blame. We have stopped caring about the truth, friends.
Given the radical opposition from the DHHR, Local Health Departments and FDA toward the Herdshare bill, any person who ever becomes ill and has also drank raw milk in their lifetime will find the milk is blamed unjustly. That is largely at the root of the statistics the CDC collects on raw milk, I suspect, as is.
While it has been disheartening to see many folks willing to jump to assume the milk was the culprit during “stomach flu” season in a crowded place of government business, given the decades of propaganda behind this issue, I can only sigh and think, “Of course.”
The Herdshare law does expressly say milk cannot be given out second hand, so it is worth noting, the Herdshare law passing was not involved in the delegate bringing real milk to give out on the House floor. It is not legal in West Virginia for a producer of milk to give it out, sell it or make it available. It is not legal for a Grade A dairy to sell or make raw milk available. It is not directly illegal, from my lay person’s understanding of the rules and law for a non-producer to accept the milk, however, and then give the milk out.
Real Milk, like undercooked eggs, raw oysters, sushi, cantaloupe and lettuce, can become contaminated. Any food, cooked or uncooked, can. There is a low level of risk with food in general; the risk in consuming raw milk is actually less than in some other whole, raw foods. Those seeking out herdshares understand this. It is a personal choice, and many millions of people decide real milk is the right choice for their family, and they use it daily without any concern or issue.
Thankfully, the risk with real milk is minimal, though not non existent, properly handled real foods, including fresh milk, are safe.
Those seeking to damage farmers with this dishonest story do not represent an informed people. Please do not be one of those folks.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Food Freedom win in West Virginia: Raw Milk is Legal in WV through Herdshares

"After a seven-year battle, the Governor signs bill to make raw milk in West Virginia legal through cow shares
Raw milk in West Virginia is now legal and available through cow share arrangements. The news spread quickly on Facebook after the governor signed the bill into law.
Lead advocate for the legislation, Tinia Creamer stated,
'It has been really amazing to watch the positive change in West Virginia on the issue of raw milk rights and food freedom. We’ve taken Food Freedom from a place of silence to a hot button issue the whole state has now talked about,' Says Creamer."
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