A Sad Day and ignorant mistakes

Had to put down our poor little Llama, Keisha, tonight.

She contracted the menengial worm, and once effected,
they almost never recover.

She was down. We had her stalled and treated with banamine, ivomectin
plus, bo-se and we kept her drenched with electrolytes and water,
but we had no way to get her up into a sling 
(though that just gave a slight chance she might improve),
and hercondition just kept declining over the past 4-5 days.

She had stopped eating 2 days ago, and this evening, 
she was too pitiful for me to justify tryinf to continue to
treat something untreatable.

We had an Alpaca get the menengial worm in the past,
and we had a vet at our last place put him down with medication,
and it was AWFUL.

They are very hard, it seems, to stick intravenously, (http://www.serenityacresllamas.com/injections.htm)

... it was SO sad.

I've seen dogs put down, and it has always been peaceful.
This instance above was nothing like that.

She wasn't the nicest llama, but I liked her very well :'(