Sunday, July 31, 2016

Miniature Jersey Cows: A Very Functional Farmstead Choice

I admit, I am biased. How can I not be when these lovely creatures live here?

Miniature Jersey cows vary in size and production level. 

They do not usually breed true in size, so that inconsistently can make having a herd of really small Jerseys difficult, too. 

Their production can range from a gallon a day to 6 gallons a day, 
with the larger Miniatures giving more, as a rule.

I live on a hillside with little flat land. It rains a lot here, 
so erosion of soil in a huge concern. My original Jersey back in 2009 

Full size Jerseys actually used to be more the size of what we call
Miniatures today. Commercial Dairy farming and big Agriculture 
slowly raised the size of the Petite Jersey (the common
homestead cow) to a 900lb animal, instead. The commercial
Jersey produced more milk than the homestead variety had, too.

The Miniature Jersey is essentially the Original Homestead Cow. 
They are 40'' - 46'' (Miniature to Mid Miniature) where Standard
Jersey cows will usually be 48'' to 52''. They will weight 500-700lbs instead
of 800 to 1,000 lbs. Those differences may not sound massive, but 
 in terms of their impact on the land, their milk production and 
their ease of handling, it is substantial. 

They work very well here. We are able to have 2 Miniature Jersey cows here,
one is a Mid Mini at 45'' at the hip, and another is a Mini at 39' at the Hip.

They a perfect homestead cows. 

If you are interested in a Miniature Jersey but cannot find one for sale,
A cross between a Dexter bull and a Jersey cow will give you a
small homestead type cow, as well. While they look pretty Dexter,
they give you the benefits of a Mini Jersey. You can breed back to a
Miniature Jersey bull, and over time, you can breed "UP" to a
high percentage Miniature Jersey cow.

For our breed page, visit here

For a lovely herd of Registered Miniature Jersey Cows
in Virginia, Visit T Cupp's Miniatures 

If you'd like to be added to this blog because you raise Miniatures,
just let me know.

Rainy was 38'' Mature. Here she was at 18 months old. 

Ellie is Mid Mini at 45'' at the HIP

Ellie is Mid Mini at 45'' at the HIP

Ellie's first heifer in her home. She is about 42'' at the HIP
Ellie is Mid Mini at 45'' at the HIP

Ellie is Mid Mini at 45'' at the HIP

Elsie was about 46'' at the HIP and the dam of Rainy
Ellie is Mid Mini at 45'' at the HIP

Elsie was about 46'' at the HIP and the dam of Rainy

Ellie is the dark brown cow at 45'' at the HIP. Clemmy was about 37'' at the HIP
in this photo.

Clemmy will probably mature at 40'' at the HIP



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- Proverbs 27:23-27

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