Trailing behind, fighting the good fight

Following my second viewing of Food, Inc., which I
HIGHLY recommend everyone watch at least twice
for the full effect, I find myself at a cross-roads.

I will remain a life-long vegetarian regardless of my decision
on this matter, but I have a husband and three boys, none of
which will likely ever follow in my foot-steps, and I
cannot, in good conscience or faith, allow them to go on taking
 part in the food machine that is the commercial meat industry.

Granted, my reasoning is largely based on the treatment of the
animals involved, but there is a lot to be said, probably more
actually, against the quality of the meat being consumed, the
 negative health effects and so forth than anything else.

Regardless, I am at a point where I do not know whether to break
over into full homesteading, where we raise animals for my family's
 consumption and slaughter onsite ourselves
 or to try to buy locally raised beef, pork, chicken, and such
at a higher cost than if we raised these animals ourselves and assume
they have been cared for and slaughtered humanely.

Either way, the consumption of commercial meats is something
 that must stop in this household or get to the point it is so minor,
I can reconcile myself to what is necessary only.

This is A HUGE turning point for me, and I cannot say it is
something I am coming around to easily.

I feel I must use reason here, though.

I wonder about the repercussion that might
be had from my oldest son. He is sensitive
and probably will not deal well with this decision.
 I just do not know how to approach this subject there.

There will be more to follow as I sort this out in
my own mind in the coming days.

For now, that is the issue, as it currently stands.