Dismal rescue update

The mare, to put it plainly, is not doing well.

We aren't sure what to do.

There comes a point where you think the road to any
type of "life" for her is going to be so long and hard with a
quality so poor. . . is it worth it?

And the bigger question. . .is any type of life even possible?
I am not sure she can recover. I am not sure at all.

Why this sudden turn to pessimism?

The vet asked us when he came out, "Are you SURE you want to do this?"
This meant. . .give the extreme effort to TRY to save her. .. there is no guarantee, and certainly, there is no promise she will ever be comfortable or enjoy being a horse.

I do not want to become so swept up in the rescue that I forget to actually rescue. . .

I wanted to save her from harm and pain. . .saving doesn't always end with a life that is happily ever after. . .it can be simply an end to pain and harm. Regardless, she will have that.

We are not giving up, but I am trying to be realistic about what is actually possible.

When I look at her. .. I don't yet see a SAVED horse.
I see a horse still in pain and suffering.

I want to see her be able to run through fields and do those things which all
horses ought to be able to do. . .
but maybe that is not a possibility "HERE"

* * *
I am not giving up yet, but I hope that I will draw a line and resolve
to do the right thing and not turn this poor mare into a long drawn out rescue
without a peaceful ending.