Dismal rescue update

The mare, to put it plainly, is not doing well.

We aren't sure what to do.

There comes a point where you think the road to any
type of "life" for her is going to be so long and hard with a
quality so poor. . . is it worth it?

And the bigger question. . .is any type of life even possible?
I am not sure she can recover. I am not sure at all.

Why this sudden turn to pessimism?

The vet asked us when he came out, "Are you SURE you want to do this?"
This meant. . .give the extreme effort to TRY to save her. .. there is no guarantee, and certainly, there is no promise she will ever be comfortable or enjoy being a horse.

I do not want to become so swept up in the rescue that I forget to actually rescue. . .

I wanted to save her from harm and pain. . .saving doesn't always end with a life that is happily ever after. . .it can be simply an end to pain and harm. Regardless, she will have that.

We are not giving up, but I am trying to be realistic about what is actually possible.

When I look at her. .. I don't yet see a SAVED horse.
I see a horse still in pain and suffering.

I want to see her be able to run through fields and do those things which all
horses ought to be able to do. . .
but maybe that is not a possibility "HERE"

* * *
I am not giving up yet, but I hope that I will draw a line and resolve
to do the right thing and not turn this poor mare into a long drawn out rescue
without a peaceful ending.


  1. Sometimes, especially in rescue, the kindess thing you can do for them is to do your best and not prolong their pain and suffering. Easier said than done. Been there - done that. Have the hidden scars to prove it. You gave her such a chance at a happy home. Peace with your decision.


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