As you all know, we homeschool. Time 4 Learning is an online program that
allows kids to work totally online, at their pace and allows subjects to be adjusted
individually based on the student's abilities, so Math can be at a 4th grade level,
while Language Arts can be at a 3rd grade level, etc, depending on the needs of the child.

We were able to get a free trial for a 30 days, and in return we were to write a blog about the program.

I like the program, but for my son, the explanations given by it the system for
some questions and problems were too difficult for my son to understand and
required a lot of additional explanation by us. My son learns in a unique way, so I
do think that most kids would be able to grasp the explanations given by the system.

For $20 a month, I feel it is a good deal and could be a part of a home school program for most kids.