Got Milk? Not in West Virginia . . .


Got Milk?

No, if you're in West Virginia,

you DO NOT have REAL MILK.

You are not ALLOWED to purchase or sell real milk in many states in the USA!




To Support to legalization of Real Milk / Raw Milk sales across the USA,

including in the state of West Virginia!

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The right to clean, unpasteurized, whole milk is as essential a right as that to clean drinking water.

How can a government that is supposed to support Freedom, then deny it's citizens the right to buy locally produced, raw milk or the right to sell the same?

Denying a citizen of the United States the right to choose his or her own food, as well
as to deny those citizens the ability to sell good, wholesome milk from their farm as a way to provide for their families and preserve a way of life known to Americans since its founding, is to infringe on the rights those citizens.

How can a government essentially disenfranchise local, small milk producers by creating laws against the sales of their

product, presented in the healthy manner nature intended it? How can they then create laws that regulate the sale of milk even in pasteurized

(some might consider it "destroyed") form, creating such an expensive venture that the average milk producing farmer could never hope to achieve grade

"A" Dairy status, and therefore, prevent consumers who desire local milk a source in which to buy an essential product?

To say Americans live in a county founded on freedom and then tell those citizens they

risk jail time and heavy fines for attempting to sell a food product that has long been a staple in this county is shocking, to say the least.

During an economic crisis such as we are seeing in America, to preventing farmers from earning an honest income from the sale of their natural,
real milk in the same manner milk has been sold since the founding of our country is insupportable.

Whether you wish to drink or sell raw milk in the USA is not the question. The question is whether you believe citizens have a right to consume and sell fresh,

raw milk if they choose. Do you believe a state has the right to deny its citizens access to milk in the form they would have it? Do you believe a state can rightfully

deny its farmer a right to sell milk in it's natural form? Can a government really involve its self that heavily in what a citizen consumes for nourishment,
especially when the citizens have spent hundreds of years doing so? Should we be taking away rights that previous generations have enjoyed at this time?

We have the right to choose unpasteurized whole milk instead of the commercially produced substitute!

Please sign this petition that requests the Raw Milk sales be legalized in the USA.

Also, please copy and send this to your state's governing body.

Tell them:

"The right to clean, unpasteurized, whole milk is as essential a right as that to clean drinking water".

West Virginia Governor:

Joe Manchin

1900 Kanawha Boulevard, E

Charleston, WV 25305


West Virginia Senators:

Jay Rockefeller
405 Capitol Street

Suite 508
Charleston, WV
(304) 347-5372

Robert C. Byrd

Charleston Office

300 Virginia Street, East

Suite 2630

Charleston, WV 25301

Telephone: (304) 342-5855

West Virginia Congress:

Nick Rahall

301 Prince St.

Beckley, WV 25801

Shelley Capito

4815 MacCorkle Ave.

SE Charleston, WV 25304

Alan B. Mollohan

Room 209, Post Office Building

PO Box 1400

Clarksburg, WV 26302-1400