Paint Mare update

Here are some photos from today

After a Bath

Looks like she has gained some weight over the past 9 days

Her rear might look a tad larger than it did a week ago, below

Leg freshly wrapped
Looking VERY thin from the front, too

Here is a refreshed on what she looked like 9 days prior
Not sure the photos show it - but she looks a bit heavier in person

Front hooves

Front hoof


  1. You might want to try using B-L Solution, which is a herbal pain relief that doesn't have the side effects that Bute has. I've had really good luck with it in the past and it might help that poor girl feel a little better. She certainly looks like she's gained 50 lbs or so! :)

  2. Good to hear it looks like she has gain to you, too.
    I'll look into BL Solution


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