I'll give her a name

Because living like she is . . . is not truly being Alive

Our vet confirmed that her chance of survival and recovery is totally hopeless today.
Phoenix. . . I really knew that was the appropriate name for the rescue mare from the beginning, and now I see she is not supposed to get the name upon recovery here, but she will receive the name for the new life she will have in the "beyond,"

Even as God says that a sparrow does not fall that he is not with it in Matthew 10:29, surely not a horse goes out of this world that he is not aware of, that he does not care for, that he has not made new provisions for beyond the earth.

So the mare will be Phoenix. She will be slightly plump, shiny and be able to run to and fro in the next life, will she not?

In the story of the Phoenix, upon the death of the Phoenix, a new bird always rises from the ashes.

So it will be with our Phoenix, I believe

Last week her haunting face told an awful story :(

Happily ever after isn't always external, I have learned

Phoenix in Theory
- just a photo I found
online, but it reminds me of how I feel she
should hae been on earth had she been properly
love and cared for
* * *
And this photo shows how I wish I could have
gotten her, show how I wish she could have
been when I posted an update on her someday
* * *
But regardless, it shows
how I believe she will go onto be once
she is out of pain here.

We are still arranging for a humane euthanasia and burial for her,
so once we do put her down, we will post a blog, too.
At this point, it is just a tribute post and an update about
what we know must now take place.


  1. I'm so sorry. I know it's hard, but I believe you're doing the right thing for the poor girl.

  2. I really do, too. It is, just as you say, hard.

  3. Tinia,

    Her story, your words, the photos...my tears. My heart goes out to you and to Pheonix. Please feel me hugging you. AND Pheonix, right now. YOU are amazing and so is she.


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