Life on the Farm must proceed

The boys, the older two, one being my husband and the other our older son, decided
to take a trail ride today.

First they went out with my son on his pony and my husband on our stallion, JC.
That all went very well, by and large.

JC seemed scared of the river. Acorn, the little gelding, at the rip age of 20, was able to show JC, the young and brave young guy, how to trod on through the water and convince him it would not swallow him up alive. Down through the river they then went.
On the way back, Acorn had to demonstrate once again that the river is safe to walk through, and JC was able to meander on through.

(The above was after JC's ride, and his saddlepad was riding off!)

When they returned, my husband swapped out our stallion for our Quarter Horse mare, Liz, and off they went again. Apparently, both Liz and JC need a lot of work on "Whoa" and enjoy a full gallop all the way out and back, but my husband is a normal young man who finds this a great pleasure. Acorn, though he should behave a bit elderly at 20 years old, also enjoys a good gallop.

It was during the gallop home that Acorn could not be sure whether he wants to run, eat or eat and run. . .

That was the adventure for the day, for them. I stayed home with the little ones.