A Threat to Real Milk and Cheese in MO

Read the blog below:


I know the folks of Morningland Dairy


through online forums, and the way they are
being used as a target because of raw cheese
and milk is outrageous!

Read that blog, visit Morningland Dairy's site
and email aginfo@mda.mo.gov at the USDA
and tell her you are outraged at how Morningland is being treated.

Below is a text you can modify written by another upset homesteader I know.
Adjust the letter to suit you and email to the above address:

"To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express my extreme shock and displeasure with the way a confiscated cheese in California has somehow forced a family dairy in Missouri to shut down their business and is demanding the dairy destroy six-month's worth of good, wholesome dairy product -- which the government refuses to allow them to batch test.

Morningland Dairy in Mountain View, Missouri, has operated for thirty years without one incident of someone becoming ill from their cheese.

How, then, can it be that a sample of cheese taken clear across the country in California, where it sat for over four months in an un-iced cooler,and sat for another fifty-five days before it was tested, with absolutely NO knowledge of how it was handled during those fifty-five days, forces the closure of a dairy in Missouri?

And how can it be that, despite the fact that over one-hundred swabs taken from the Missouri dairy all tested negative for pathogens, the FDA and Missouri Milk Board insist that close to half a million dollars worth of product must be destroyed rather than be tested?

I'd also like to respectfully ask why the laws in the state of seizure (California) were not followed, to wit: Confiscated food is to be tested IMMEDIATELY, and the producer of that food product is supposed to receive an identical sample to test independently. This did NOT happen.

Please, tell me why Morningland Dairy must be shut down when it is patently obvious that their good, healthy food is not at all contaminated. Why are you looking to them as the source of pathogen based on a questionable sample taken clear across the country?

I have to wonder if something like this happened to a mega-producer like Kraft, would they be treated so abominably, with no recourse whatsoever to defend their innocence?

There are many people questioning what is going on here, and we deserve honest, straightforward answers.

I look forward to your timely response in this matter.


__________________  "
I am tired, as I am sure you are, of the government standing up for the Big Guy and
crushing the little guy left and right, time and time again.