A Farmer's Work is Never Done; My, my, isn't this the truth?

A Farmer's Work is Never Done; My, my, isn't this the truth?

The list of things to do and the amount of money needed to carry these things out is longer than my driveway, and for those who've been up it, you know that is a long haul.

I'll share the Farm's TO-DO list, which is ever growing:

#1. Dig up $30 ea pine shrubs and replant OUTSIDE the gate to prevent goats from eating them down to the dirt in front of my house.

#2. Fix the post that is holding up the overhang on the right side of the barn for the 3rd time before it collapses.

#3. Worm the darn Claire (our Nubian doe) AGAIN since her eyelids still look pale.

#4. Trim Buck's hooves whilst they are in rotten rutt.

#5. Find more hay and the money to buy it with.

#6. Send in the ADGA paperwork to register 5 goats and the cash to pay for this with it! Ek.

#7. Tattoo those two darn doelings from the spring! This has been on the list since February.

#8. Get Lady Ann's teeth floated and find someone willing to do this by hand without sedation - good luck!

#9. Fix the two cracked rafters in the barn that were that way when we bought the place LAST September!

#10. Get fill dirt and level out the area around and through the barn from where the hill slipped in the late Winter.

#11. Continue to thank God that hill has been stable since repair.

#12. Continue to look for approved Foster homes for rescue horses.

#13. Get most of the horses trimmed ASAP at $30 a pop

#14. Put the darn opening covers under the foundation of the house to keep the stupid cat from tearing out the duct work under there.

#15. Build 2 more chicken coops, albeit, smaller ones than the last.  

#16. Send the beautiful Barred Rock rooster to the big Chicken Coop in the sky, (Ugh, I'm still trying to come to terms with this one, but after multiple flogging attempts on the 2 yr old, 9 yr old and 28 yr old. . . or the husband. . .I think I must accept this will happen)

#17. Mail back the donated boots Phoenix needed to the kind donor to use on another rescue in the future.

#18. Hook the 50 mile electric charger to the buck pen in order to keep Ace and Willow in and away from the gals and out of the horse stall they have used for the last month during the day.

#19. Draw blood for CAE tests on the goats - which I dread because even though they were all negative in the early spring, you just never know!

#20. Lute the doelings that Willow might have bred by accident because they are too small to kid in the next 5 months.

#21. Store all the saddles out of the barn and exposure until Spring soon.

#22. Get these darn chicks in my kitchen grown out to where they can go OUTSIDE - Phew!

#23. Fix a quarantined area of outside does to come away from my girls for bucks to provide stud service.

#24. Find MORE money to buy apple trees to plant before Winter. . .

#25. Start Christmas Shopping. . . Oops! That doesn't belong on the farm to do list!

Okay, I'm too tired just thinking about this and will have to add more another day!

Ah, the exhausting life of a farmer wannabe!