Heart of Phoenix Rescue has a name ~ Foster Homes are needed

We felt we needed a name since we have been doing rescue awhile now. . .
 and even though we have done rescues before, of all of the rescue we've done, if we are going to give this effort a name, it should be after the little paint mare, Phoenix. . .

She, of all horses, deserves this work to be named after her.

So it will be Heart of Phoenix.

So, now we have a name, and that is great, but that hardly set us on a path
for success. 

For now, I simply do not have the time in a day with the farm and kids
to hope to be a typical rescue in the regular sense right now, but I know that I
want to help. And a rescue group in this region is so needed. . .

So what can I do?

What can you do?

I will continue as I have, taking in 1 or 2 horses when I can and
have space. I will continue to place horses in need on Petfinder and
in other good venues, but I want to see a network of
Fosters for horses develop, at the least.

I am going to try to work on heading this up in WV,
and I already know a couple in Kentucky willing to help in their
location with fostering.

I'd like for anyone who reads this blog locally to forward
it to those you know who own horses or have property and
would have a heart to volunteer to do this.

Approval would be needed, and an agreement as a
Foster Home will be required.

Who knows? 

If enough people become aware,
we might be able to really make an impact.