Where does your food come from?

The masses are so confused.

Someone said to me that they were afraid to buy a farm raised, local turkey for the Holidays because it might taste funny.

People question how clean farm eggs really are.

I cannot count the people who look at me like I am lover of animal slaughter, an uncivilized heathen when I suggest raising our own cattle, chickens and such for meat (baring my own consumption, of course).

The looks of the faces of folks when I say we milk our goats and cow and not only drink that milk, but we make cheese, soap and other products is nothing short of bona fide horror.

Lastly, I have even been discouraged from growing my own fruits and vegetables because the time and money involved makes it not worth it, and it has been recommended to me to just buy it all from the local grocery store.

Gasp! What has happened in the last 50 years to the public?

We are so removed from food that anything that places us in contact with it at it's source disgusts us! Why and how has this taken place?

Why are those who want to produce their own food reviled? That isn't too strong a word, I assure you. That is exactly how I find the reaction.

Let me share with you images gathered from all over the web that juxtapose each scenario and then YOU, consumer, make an educated choice, for once.

Please be aware, these photos of factory situations are MILD in comparison to what I could have opted to show you. It gets much worse.

Poultry in a commercial setting:


Farm raised Poultry



Factory Eggs:


Farm Eggs:


Factory Meat:


Farm Raised cattle and pork:


Commercial Dairies


(my own dairy cow on the farm)

I could go on to produce many photos of a family besides their garden picking foods they have grown and compare it with miles of big agriculture's fields of corn, etc. . .

At the end of the day, we all make choices and need to feel comfortable with what we've done.

How anyone can question the motives or demean someone choosing the latter options above is beyond my comprehension.

How anyone can directly tell me they do not want to know or hear about what goes on with the animals prior to the meat making it to their stomach is scary and startlingly sad.

Please, do not be willfully ignorant!

Make your choices aware of the repercussions on the animals that food was derived from and on your own body!