Goat sales, purchases and other farm happenings

From the looks of the udders of Eve and Dutchie, we will have 1st generation
Miniature Nubians in the next month. They will be registered with the MDGA.

They will be getting vaccinated today against Staph Mastitis
with Lysigin (can be ordered through Jeffers) :

They have UTD on CD/T, Cooper Bolusing, BO-SE and are in great condition.
I hope for a doeling from each, of course. They look small, so I imagine
that a single kid is what we will have from both.

We placed large orders with American Livestock Supply, Jeffers and Hoeggers

to be totally ready this year for kidding, milking, cheese making, bottle feeding and any possible mastitis issues, like we ended up having last year. 

We still need to order soap making supplies and books, and we will be totally prepared to deal with 3 Nubians in milk 
(Candy will kid in March with ADGA Nubian kids by Ace)

ALL KIDS will be for sale. We are taking names and deposits for waiting lists.

Let me also announce the arrival of our AGS Registered Nigerian Doelings all the way from Colorado originally and our new Pyrenees Pup, Carly, rescues from the Cabell / Wayne County Pound! She is, thus far, working out beautifully.

Carly came after the Ohio Komondor, a former show dog, we adopted, stayed in the stall all of an hour before digging out and running away. Fortunately, after
placing ads on craiglist, he was picked up and taken to the pound, and we were called and were able to place him, with the help of his original owner, in a NEW KY home.

Lastly, let me introduce a new indoor addition to entertain my
human little ones inside:

Bubbles is a 2 1/2 yr old Mix spayed pup was 
found that needed a new home in Cross Lanes, WV!

We were able to attend the Wayne County Hippology Clinic a week ago and set up a table and meet some new folks. The clinic was to raise money for the Wayne Co. fair board to purchase property to host the yearly fair.

Equine Dentist, Warren Spry
AQHA Junior President
Dr. Steve Walker, Equine Vet
all came as guest speakers!

Despite frigged temps, the animals all are in good spirits, with plenty of fresh,
clean hay to eat at all times!


  1. Your new LGD is a cutie! That's so wonderful that you've provided a home for two pups :)
    I love nigis! I'm getting my fourth one after she's weaned. We've named her gabby :)
    I think four is our limit. Love the goaties!


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