Welcoming in 2011 with missing dogs and the like

Yesterday we made a drive to Charleston, WV to meet a woman who was moving and unable to take her 5 year old male LGD, Twister, a Komondor, with her to her new location. We wanted to give him a new home and since our Manchester Terrier and Aussie never returned, sadly, from their last escapade off the farm, we had room for another dog, and consider the coyote problem we are assured exists, having a second LGD could only be a good thing, right?

Well, sadly, I brought Twister home, put him into a stall in the barn where I intended to keep him until he acclimated to the animals and area, and when we returned home later last night after visiting with friends to ring in the new year, he had dug a huge hole under the wall and escaped. He has yet to be found.

We looked so long for Henry and Dusty when they went missing. Henry came to the farm with us last September. Dusty was taken in a few months later when his owner had to rehome him due to cancer. We are not near a main road, and all the neighborhood dogs are loose and quite safe here. During hunting season in November, they both left one day and never returned. We called the pound, went all over the area asking about them and put up fliers. Nothing. I am still not over loosing them. I have no idea what could have happened.

This dog has no idea this was supposed to be his new home. Who knows where he went. He is from 5 hours away in Ohio, so this area is all unfamiliar. He is friendly and not aggressive, but I had no tags for him at this point, and I have little hope he will return or be found. Komondors are a rare breed, and I hope if we are unable to locate him, he is cared for. That is all I can do at this point.