The Milking Parlor

With the does all freshening, it is time to come up with a way to milk them without doing so in the barn, which set way up on a steep and muddy hill behind out house and a long, long way from the kitchen and warmth and such.

Our back porch has long seemed a great place to milk, though only a homesteader at heart would feel that way, but it was totally enclosed with railing.

My husband spent most of the evening and through the early night taking down rails and building steps, and then he brought down the milk stands:

One metal stand we bought from a friend and the other wooden one from craiglist ($50)

We cleaned off the porch, brought out $5 chairs bought for fishing that never ended up taking place enough to matter. . .and viola! Milking Parlor!

I have outlets out there if I decide to be a wimp and plug in a heater, as well.

I'm very happy with my stairs, too. My farming husband was raised in Suburbia and never needed construction skills until moving here, so these are fine steps, indeed, for his first endeavor into building a set!

Now milking can take place with access to hot water, a sink, a freezer and fridge and all of that!

We've also been buying all the basic essentials for milking and cheese making. We had a few things left over from last year, but we only have a single goat in milk verses having 4 in milk soon this year.