A Dismal Chronicle by and large

I have put off this blog as long as I can.

The events of this past week have been nothing to envy,
I must confess.

The list has been so long and terrible,
I have not had the fortitude to write them until now.

There have been personal problems this week,
 but there have been farmore farm related problems,
and this is a chronicle of those and those alone.

We lost our electric and had to run our incubated eggs
(mentioned here) to my non-farming mother's house.
I explained they had to stay plugged in and unopened.

They were there from Friday to Tuesday evening, and then
she unplugged them. She needed to plug something in where they
were and gave the eggs no thought. Forgot totally about them
from 6:30pm until 11:30am the next day!!!

Needless to say, I was livid and sad. I had candled them 3 days
before and was thrilled all but 2 had moving chicks inside.
That was almost impossible considering they were
shipped 800 miles and were a delayed delivery.

We plugged them back in, said some sincere
prayers and have started the "Will They
Hatch" wait. I will know around the 9th!

That was a lot of money, time and potential profit
lost, if none hatch, and regardless, short of a
miracle, all that would have hatched will not
do so now.

We had to assist in another goat birth. 

It was not too bad, but I did have to leave my oldest son watching
the small farming kids while they napped below
and go up to the barn to help. I waited about 15 minutes after
feet presented and no birth before going in and moving the
kid around some. The doe screamed, rolled and so forth, but
I was able to help her deliver a good sized FB Nubian buckling.

I am through pulling out GOAT KIDS until 2012, I believe!
Thank God! Well, some Nigerians should kid much later this
year, but they are typically good, hardy kidders.

The next blog does highlight some NICE things going
on here at the farm, however, so stay turned!


  1. I had an incubator of eggs get the plug pulled for about 12 hours. It was about a week into the incubation or maybe even a little longer, but I decided to plug back in and keep going and we wound up with a decent hatch. I wasn't sure what was going to happen with it, but figured I couldn't lose anything by keeping it going. I didn't have anything to candle them with so I didn't know until they started pipping if they survived or not. Hopefully yours will come along as well.


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