Good fences make good Neighbors and bands make good wethers

The last 24 hours has been a fairly productive time on the farm.

I finished planting seeds to start in the kitchen - photos will follow

in another blog since my memory card is acting up in the card reader.

We've started:

2 varieties of Squash
2 varieties of peppers
Green Beans
Broccoli and

I'm likely forgetting something or other, but I tried to pick
things I know we will cook!

Now, let us all how and pray the seeds grow! This gardening thing
is very new to me, and I have no idea what I'm doing.

Moving on, we walked over the property today and did some much needed fence repair.
I must get better about taking the camera along since photos are what MAKE a blog interesting.
Seems every time I go out with the camera, I forget the battery or memory card inside or find the battery is dead!

50% of farming is finding out ways to successfully contain animals and keep those containments in working order. Our electric fence quirky and comes and goes. It has not been working for months, but luckily, only the goats know this - - - the cow and horses have no idea.

The repairs from today, the removing of many trees on the lines than I can count and such, should put it back in working order. The goats should appreciate more freedom and the neighbor will find us to be better neighbors since he will not come home to goats in the yard.

In theory. . .

We currently have 60 plus eggs in the incubators - most seem viable, though the temps in the Little Giant are all over the place. I would not recommend a LG!

Lastly, all of the readers know I am squeamish - 

The darn goats keep challenging my desire to not do the undesirable chores of farm life.

Tonight, in order to be 100% sure the job was as a gentle as possible and done are carefully as possible, I banded our buckling, now wether, so he can go to his new home with his sister!
I cannot take all of the credit for creating our 1st wether. . . my farming husband gave the banamine and tetanus shots prior to all of this! I do not give injections ;)

Oh! I created us a new farm logo for our farm T-shirts. I'm placing an order soon. If you're interested, please email me.

They are just $15 ea.