Homesteading for Dingbats

I am going to try to write on a few faucets of homesteading,
farming and animal husbandry that will serve to, hopefully,
benefit those starting down this road recently or in the near future.

This first edition, if you will, concerns animal selection,
 pros and cons of different species, as well as pros and
 cons as different breeds.

Some upcoming blogs in this "series," as we will call it, are:

#1 Homesteading for Dingbats: Animal Selection
#2 Homesteading for Dingbats: Dairy Animals
#3 Homesteading for Dingbats: Modern verses Old Fashioned
#4 Homesteading for Dingbats: Economics
#5 Homesteading for Dingbats: Organic verses Healthy
#6 Homesteading for Dingbats: Why?

and more will be added as I go along. . .

Also, look for upcoming blogs on:

The Weston A Price Foundation
Humane Farming
Cheese and Soapmaking
Goat Appraisals through the ADGA
Milking: the process
and more!


  1. Oh my gosh I just read this whole page. How entertaining and enlightening. I do wish I were younger, and richer and had more land. I would love to do some gardening, but I have the original "black" thumb. I have just started growing some herbs, well basil.. that is about as far as my garden grows.
    Keep up the good work, and I am also following you on Facebook. Ice packs,shipping and poop !! how funny.. Keep up the good work.


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