Until the Cow Comes Home? Yea, Right.

We recently had our top field bushhogged, 
and we thought turning the Dexter and Jersey heifer 
out up there was a great idea.

As usual, we were in error.

For two days, we did not see Anya, the Dexter.

I really assumed she was out in the brush and wasn't  too concerned
until 2 whole days had passed. Stella had come back from the hill top,
and I figured she would only do that is Anya was out and she wasn't
able to join her.

It was pouring a fairly cold rain the morning we decided to
go out and find her nearly a week ago.

My farmer husband and I split up and went in
opposite directions. 

Quite naturally, it was I, after an hour search, who found the little black
heifer in the far end of the neighbor's woods
enjoying his deer salt block.

Anya was not please to be discovered. 

We first herded her by walking her against the neighbor's fence behind and beside
of her for about 1/8 a mile until we had her cornered at our
fence line. Had my farming husband have been in control of
his wits, he'd have waited, and in time, she would have crossed over
the high tensile fence I was holding down. . . 

But he would not. He insisted on moving away from behind her to take
down more fence, and away she ran. .  back at least 1/4 mile
into the wood.

At this point, I sat down in the cold rain and told him
I was not chasing her back where he'd allowed her to run.

And I there I did sit while he walked the long trip down to the barn to fetch
ever steady Stella, the Jersey, to lure Anya back to the fence line.

After about 45 minutes of sitting in the rain with the Pyrenees and
Old trusty Jake, our farm Mutt, he returned with Stella.

I kindly offered to follow them back out to find this 
darn cow.

The farm dogs wanted to help, as well.

After several attempts, we did convince Anya to follow
her pal back to our property. . .

And I admit, I have rarely been as happy as I was
when she finally went over the lowered fence line and back onto
our property. . . 

I imagine our neighbors will enjoy the fine show we put on in front of their Deer Cam