"Currently, the USA doesn't grow enough fruits and vegetables to feed its people."

Watch this through - if that ending touching touch you to your very soul - something is wrong: 

"Why don't we worry about growing a safe supply here and provide our farmers an opportunity to grow that food?" - Dr. Allen Straw says choking 
on tears.

"I like it. Wouldn't trade it for anything else" says the farmer featured. . .

In 2007, 8 million acres in the USA was used for vegetables and fruit to 214 million of soy, corn, wheat and such -

Currently, the USA doesn't grow enough fruits and vegetables to feed its people.


  1. I'm not a farmer by any means. I am however in the process of turning my back yard into a garden to help provide food for my family. I am starting small this year due to limited funds. I hope next year to encompass the whole back for food. I also hope to become a model for others to do the same. I live in Huntington and everywhere you go there are spots of empty lots in poverty ridden areas where homes have been torn down. Hura owns most of these lots. I would like to be able to work out a deal with them to be able to buy them at a decent price and turn them into neighborhood gardens so residents in the area can become more self sufficient and not so dependent on government assistance. I know this is a lot to hope for but everyone must have a dream and this is one of mine. Thanks for letting me be heard, Kim


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