What I write and say here may seem too hard, too radical, too life changing. . .

Wait. . .

You do not have to go out tomorrow and start saving the horses, trees and world, selling your home in suburbia for a farm in rural America, swearing off all processed food forever, buying all organic or humane, local foods and be a revolution all in day (or you can try all of that at once and be a revolution, too:) ),


You can wake up tomorrow and take a step. . .

Try one thing. Add another next week, next month or next year for all I care. . . but take a step :)

Buy only organic apples
Buy only local honey
Send $1 or $2 to a rescue group
Foster a kitten, a mouse and horse
Donate an hour of time
Give something you no longer need to someone who needs it
Swear off factory farmed eggs in favor of local, free range
Buy organic milk or buy into a herd share
eat less meat
buy someone a locally made gift
grow your own basil

Whatever step you take, be assured, it makes an impact, little but real nonetheless. . .little but real! No matter the budget or circumstance, you can take a step toward something better :)