Free people really do not ask. . .

Free people really do not ask. . .
We live in a county where the government dictates what we eat, How much we pay to lease land that should be ours yearly, where and when our kids attend school, our health care matters, what
rights we have when single or married. . .whether we can have chickens in our backyards. . .whether we can co-own a cow. . .whether we can collect water from the sky. . .
I should not have to agree with you, I should be able to vocalize my disagreement and hold whatever views I chose. I should be able to try to persuade you of my beliefs,
and you should be able to do the same.
We should be able to be friends during this time. Not calling each other "bigots" (misused almost
constantly today) when views do not align perfectly or at all.
I believe in our collective right to do anything we wish that does not directly harm another person or
clearly abuse a living being with blatant cruelty.
I do not have to accept anything.
Neither do you.
I can decide within my own heart what is wrong or right and proceed in my own life upholding that belief.
I should be able to disagree and scream against what I do not
believe in, despise and fight against what is repugnant to me, and you should be able to do the same.
We should be able to be proactive for our causes, our beliefs and be activists.
We do not need to respect opinions we find immoral.
I hold that you and I do not have to be politically or socially correct. . .
I believe in freedom.
It is a right none of us have truly ever known, but it is vital we still be demanding it, working to gain it.
I do not agree with more than I care to mention, but I believe feverishly in your right the believe and live as you would live as long as you do not directly cause obvious injury to other people (first world problems excluded).
If things are as I've long believed, we answer for choices, good and bad. . .in the end. If we make the wrong ones or stayed silent when we knew to speak up, we answer for
that, as well.
The government is not who we, me or you, should answer to for personal matters, life choices or the like.
There is something far higher to give account to, and Uncle Sam isn't him.
Who you marry, what type of milk you drink, whether you have chickens in the backyard and a garden
in the front, whether you want to order an extra large soda, whether you want to send your kids to public school. . .those are THINGS THAT are your concern.
They are not mine.
Mine ARE NEVER Yours.
I may have opinions on them. I will share them,
but you do not have to abide by my thoughts, and we surely should not be subject to a government's view on those (and many other) matters.
To end, during a time where the division grows daily. . .I'll quote something I've shared so many times before,
"When the boot is on your throat, it matters little if it is a right or
When must come to a point where we realize, the political party system exists largely to keep people from being united. We are a dangerous people united. Keeping us divided is the way they win.
And we keep letting them win.