On the subject of Raw Milk - Real Milk, that is

My overview about the milk debate now going on as a result of our friend's report and our farm friends interviewed. This is a copy and paste from my comment on the new's page - lol : 

This was an awesome and greatly needed story. Glad to know each farmer in the piece!

As a long time Weston A Price Chapter Leader in WV, I've been ashamed to say our state is the only state that actually infringes so much on the liberty of our people that we do not even allow people to co-own dairy animals and use the milk of a co-owned animal through a herdshare. It is hard to believe anyone could actually argue against the rights of American citizen to enter into a contract and co-own livestock and use the products of the livestock, let along a simple right to chose our foods and producers of our foods.

Of course, informed folks have long known that unpasteurized, real milk from a clean environment is healthy and very safe. Most of our parents or grandparents will tell you that. I'm shocked to hear someone say “Cows are dirty” animals. Cows are certainly not unless they are kept in filth, like the commercial dairies the milk the FDA and CDC and Health Dept would like you to drink is collected in. I suppose he likes his cows “dirty,” since he wants you to only drink milk gathered under those conditions by eliminating YOUR right to local milk in it's natural state.

People like to refer to an archaic and short lived time when poor sanitation and heavy industrialized agriculture led to illness in many forms in America's food - the dairy "industry" was one where, not milk, but filth allowed to get into milk and disease that erupted in foul conditions. . .made milk collected on mass farms without sanitation standards unsafe unless pasteurized. And remember, people become ill from pasteurized milk, as well. It is not a rare event. You can only “sanitize” puss, hormones, BHA and feces found in most commercial dairies' milk so much. Also, keep in mind, BHA, found in most commercial, pasteurized milk is illegal and considered dangerous in the U.K., Japan and many European (Like Switzerland) countries where health is considerably better than American health (meaning they know something we do not). Funny how the Dept of Health in WV has nothing to say about that.

Note: TB and other diseases on concern that were not commonly found in cattle outside of industrialized farming – outbreaks of TB helped spur the pasteurization process being implemented and then becoming a standard. Disease and outbreaks were not an issue of any notable scale on small family farms that sold locally then or now. Folks are comparing Apples and rotten after market food products when they compare what happens on a commercial farm to a small, humane family farm. Today's family farm has access to blood testing and milk testing right on the farm to know just how healthy their animals are, and good farms test and know. Their animals are clean and healthy. The milk is the same.

The CDC's own data shows raw milk very safe - FAR MORE safe than peanut butter, spinach and other vegetables. So what now? Should we outlaw spinach because it can become contaminated, as can any food source, and tell American people we cannot chose our own foods?

How free is a people not allowed to make the choice to consume a naturally occurring food? How educated is a population that doesn't realize they are making a product illegal that has safely been consumed for thousands of years?

Unpasteurized milk from the average small, local farm is far safer than the little Debbie cakes, cigarettes, diet pills, diet soda and pink slime in Mc Donalds' “meat”. . . more safe than produce and peanut butter . . .but here we are, cutting our struggling WV farmers out of the ability to provide a product that is local to educated consumers and infringing on the rights of citizens to make a choice on something so obviously without our rights.

Oddly, we can still – despite the outbreaks of serious food borne illness from commercial eggs – have them served over easy (essentially raw) or purchase them raw from the story. We can still purchase spinach, cantaloupe and tomatoes alongside peanut butter. . . when it massive outbreaks with deaths reported surface. . .but we cannot be trusted to purchase raw milk?

I'm sorry, if you do not see something clearly wrong with this, you're quite beyond reason. . .