You Pay What for eggs?

I shared a post earlier on the facebook page, you can see the image above, and it questioned how Americans daily pay upwards of $5 for fancy coffee drinks but refuse to pay sustainable farmers a decent price for their good - eggs, the post used as an example, at $5 a carton. Two people chimed in - one says that chickens are something anyone can have and get an egg a day from, another said they wouldn't pay the $5 for either.

My response:

Just "Anyone" cannot buy and raise a chicken in the USA and raise it properly - that is why most people buy factory farmed eggs - and they want sustainable farmers to charge the $2 a carton like the filthy factories charge. Outrageous. It is unfathomable to me anyone would even defend such a thing by saying coffee takes more to process, so is worth more. No. Sorry - hens must be raise to 4-6 months of age before they lay, 50% are males. The hens, even if raised free range, need supplemented feed that is hardly inexpensive, especially if organic or non-gmo. The hen will not lay an egg a day if she is a heritage breed animal and not kept under artificial lighting. The cost to feed the hen and care for the hen in a humane way is worth $5 a dozen for the 12 eggs she produces - Ask someone who does the chicken raising correctly - $3 a dozen may break one even in feed costs for a flock is broken down for a 12 month period. MIGHT. What makes you think anyone should get a product that doesn't even cover a farmer's time or allow profit? Therein lies the AMERICAN illusion and expectation of something for nothing. It is a VERY sad and common philosophy. People will pay $5 for a refined, corn syrup filled coffee drink made with factory farmed and GMO filled products at a coffee shop and balk at paying a sustainable farmer a decent price for a good product. Sad, to say the very least.