Politics on the farm

One might say Politics have little to do with farming, but it is actually are very wrapped up in them. . .

So I will tell you, this farmer is libertarian. . .Libertarian on all areas except Abortion. 

I believe in 100% free will of the people when it doesn't directly infringe on another person's life. 

We cannot ask for freedom for some but not all.

I do not think free people need to ask anyone about their health, what they put in their bodies, who they join their bodies with.

Christ himself died to give us freedom - freedom to sin and to not sin as we chose.

I'll be darned in the government or any man on earth has the right to take it from me. . .and yet people continue to blindly vote for the same thing over and over and over and over and pray for change. . .while pressing repeat.

Break that cycle.

The most dangerous belief held in America and what will lead and is leading to it's destruction is the belief that regulations exist to protect us.