Coccidia in goats

The single greatest challenge to those raising goat kids, especially in wet, warm climates like we have on the east coast!
This is the main reason goat kids die, the main reason people give up raising goats.
I get messages from about now through late summer about goat kids with chronic diarrhea or those just not growing well - This is coccidia almost always. Not worms. Coccidia is a parasite, but it isn't killed by worming treatment. Also, long before worms become an issue in goat kids, coccidia is wrecking their intestinal track.
If most goat kids aren't raised on a prevention program, especially if you purchased them elsewhere rather than being born on your farm (meaning they have NO natural IMMUNITY to the coccidia variety on your land) - you are asking for either stunted or dead goat kids with no prevention too often.
They carry a cocci burden before you see signs, and once you do see loose stool or weight loss, pot bellies - it is already wrecking them internally. Often, they never get over it. The cocci do so much damage, if you wait to long to treat, you have a goat that will never far very well. Never grow as he/she should have.
Goats are NOT native or intended to be in all climates, and Ohio, WV, WV and Ky are some of the worst environments to try to raise goats, especially with organic intentions. The wet heat is a recipe for disasters. . . . you will always fight nature in these areas. Period.
Coccidia covers the environment.
I use Baycox (Toltrazuril) ordered from, personally. I usually recommend every 14 days with this or soon (I have done every 14 days) until fall - 1cc per 5lbs.
Dimethox 40% also works and is slightly less expensive and much easier to get:…/coccidia-dimethox-dosage-cc…/
The photos below show a photo online of an Toggenburg kid WRECKED by Coccidia. You wouldn't believe how many people have kids that look like this and do not treat them, though by the point below, full recovery is unlikely.
The next photo is a buck of similar age of mine last year. Well grown.