Winter 2010

A throwback from 4 years ago. . .
Nov 2010. . .

A Blog Entitled:

"Winter is Coming"

Winter is Coming. . .
Winter is on the way. . .

For those who do not have livestock or need to do much outdoors
during the cold, you might not realize what a rough time of the year this can be or how many issues those of us our in the elements or on a farm encounter.

Last year, we lost power quite a bit there in the month of December. Feeding and milking livestock in the dark on a mountain is a feat! We are lucky that except when the pipes freeze, we have water even when we lack power (small blessing!)

BUT Our frost free (an oxymoron to the next word) froze up a lot in 2009, and this required the farming fellow to carry many, many gallons of water from down below at our house up the hill to the barn for all the livestock.

The bedding inside stalls freezes to the ground as quick as you can put it down, and cleaning out stalls is beyond a disaster.

The Animals mostly all look miserable from January through March.

All of the grass ceases to grow, and the amounts of hay we have to buy is staggering. We go through about 1,200 lbs every 3rd day here through winter.

Keeping water for the rabbits and poultry is another feat of it's own.

During the winter months, I feel like we are in limbo. We cannot enjoy the work outside, cannot really enjoy the farm at all.

Breaking ice out of buckets. . .seems to monopolize much of winter.

One bright side, The Horses, in their winter coats, look so much like ugly Mules, we really appreciate just how beautiful they really are when they shed out in the spring!

So we are preparing for Winter now. . . and I (Husband does not mind the winter, as I have come to) look forward to spring already though winter has not even yet arrived!


Some things have changed since then.

Most things have stayed the same, and I am still already looking
forward to spring. . .

And winter has not even began