Goat Winter and Pre Kidding Tips

A few reminders and tips for goat breeders heading into winter. . .and spring kidding.

Do not breed your full size doe kids born in 2014 UNLESS they reach at least 80lbs by the day you plan to breed them.

Do not forget that kids do not grow well if you wean them from milk and just put them on hay, usually. Try to keep them on grain and growing through winter.

Make sure to Copper bolus and BO-SE (MOST areas in the USA) - these are minerals the soil and forages lack enough of for dairy goats even if you offer a good loose mineral, before does begin to kid, if you haven't already.

Check inner eye membrane color. You want to see very deep pink. If they aren't, you have a parasite issue, and you need to worm them.

Don't forget to trim hooves and keep a check on foot conditions in the muck and muddy times we will have ahead.

Bucks in rut need grain usually if they are to keep decent condition. Do not slack on the care of your bucks.