The Fight Continues

"Montani Semper Liberi" or "Mountaineers are Always Free" in West Virginia?


Our residents, our citizens, cannot even decide what foods we consume in our state, our country.

We do not need the Government to DEMAND how we prepare our food. We certainly do not need them to "allow" us access to the foods of only their choice, giving us the ability to purchase or sell ONLY if we accept food must be prepared their way through Big AG companies.

Remember that even if you personally have no desire to have access to real, local raw milk from farmers you know, this infringement is hardly any different than the STATE of West Virginia dictating how you cook your steak, burger, vegetables or whether you can have raw fish in your sushi/sashimi. How FREE would that make you?

Let us make sure REAL, RAW MILK sales become legal in WV this YEAR.

Please start EMAILING now expressing YOUR expectation of a RAW Milk Sales and Herdshare Bill for 2015 and your DEMAND of support for said Bill(s).

The demand is HERE. The farmers are here!

This is THE YEAR we see actual change for our Farmers! The economic benefits to our local farms would be enormous.

Be aware, the PUSH from Big Milk Ag and their big pocketbook will be VERY PRESENT, just like last year. The propaganda against the change very present, as well.

Start emailing and calling your REPRESENTATIVES TODAY!

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An Example Email you can COPY and personalize is below:

"Dear Delegate or Senator _______________:

My name is ___________. I am contacting you to express my expectation of your support for Raw Milk legalization during this 2015 session. I expect to see a raw milk sales bill on the agenda. I request that you remember to support the Freedom of choice for our citizens when it comes to what foods we have access to. Please Ignore the big Milk Lobbyists in favor of the people of your state and of farmers and freedom.

It is my right, my freedom, to purchase and/or sell the foods of my choice without infringement from the government.

I expect you to uphold my freedom when the time comes to vote.


(Name, County, Contact) "

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Remember, if you're not free to chose what milk you drink, how Free can you really be?

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This video is from a speaking engagement I had last year to an audience, including the Dept of Ag Commissioner.

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