The truth of Dairy Cows and Farming

While most everything that happens on commercial farms is sickening, and I would never tell you otherwise, the truth isn't what exists in this video's audio, either.
A Holstein cow, as shown in the video, produces 10 times the amount of milk the calf can drink, especially as a newborn.
This isn't theory. It is factual.
Through selective breeding for decades, this is the animal we have today. Like it or lump it. Her calf could bloat and die quickly if left on the cow unless she is being milked twice a day.
There is no stealing of milk in REAL dairy cows on family farms or even some smaller dairy farms. . .the cows out produce what the calves can drink many times over and will NOT regulate the amount they produce if just left unmilked with a calf.
The calf gets too much, the cow gets mastitis and both can and will die. This is the picture they do not paint, and this is largely because they do not know better. The activists, that is. They do not even want to know better.
I'm a 16 year vegetarian. I've even been a vegan before I knew better. I've been a small, and what I consider very humane farmer with a few dairy cows for almost 6 years. A dairy goat farmer for 6 years.
The comments under these types of posts speak to the health issues related to milk, but these people have no idea those issues come from pasteurized, homogenized dairy like you get from the above Commercial farm. It is then a processed food. No processed food is good for anyone. It isn't even real milk after they are through with it.
Raw milk consumption reduces allergies in all studies carried out, it is tolerated even in the lactose intolerant, and I could go on, but these folks wouldn't even know the difference. . .that a difference exists.
These videos should leave off the uneducated dialogue they put in them. The commercial farm practices of dragging calves away and abusing the cows is enough. It is outrageous and worth speaking out against.
We are a nation that consumes too much of everything is true - in fruits, veggies, meats, milk and water. Not just too much meat. Not just too much milk.
But these videos are meant to demonize all farmers. Not just Big Ag farmers.
All milk users. All cattle owners. All goats farmers. They have no idea what small, sustainable farming means and they are willing to be dishonest to prove their points. That. . .I cannot agree with.
Being dishonest to further a point that already has merit detracts. It doesn't further a cause.