Someone Asks About the Ark

A fellow Homesteader friend on Facebook poses a bit of a question today on the Ark.

It surrounded the sheer numbers of varieties of animals on this planet and how they all would fit on an "Ark."

I rarely, actually almost never. . .get involved in these questions because they often turn into debates. . that lead no where pleasant.

While it is worth noting, it was every animal after each kind, which doesn't mean one of every variety.

It is also worth noting, in working with livestock and animals, it is easy to see how quickly new "breeds" from kinds develop with selective breeding that are vastly different from what started the "breed,"

But this really isn't about a "How" because we are on a planet with millions, maybe billions, of questions folks can only present a hypothesis to try to answer.

Folks talk theory, theology and go in psycho circles.

I do not do that.

Some within the groups on this planet will claim their answers are fact, that there is concrete scientific or visual, plain proof, but often, there isn't. It is just theory and a lot of words. . .and some faith mixed in, which can exist in anything. It exists in denial, as well. One hopes they are right. They can trust they are right. They have faith in what they say, that is all.

Whether they admit this or not is neither here or there. One can put their faith in the theory we can from a bang and primordial soup over hundreds of millions and millions of years, that we can from soup then cells then other strange creatures. That everything came from nothing or something. . .some type of matter produced the bang, but where did that matter come from. . .then they press on "in Faith."

One can talk about that stuff until they are mad - mentally and physically, really. It gets folks no where, and here is why. . .Faith.

Faith doesn't come from me telling you my side or Phil (or anyone else on this thread) telling you his. That just isn't where it develops or turns or grows.

Everyone has a measure, some great, some small. You can let it latch on all sorts of places and thrive.

I'm quite a bright girl. I've challenged all sorts of views. I know a lot of folks who do not believe in a literal Bible are really cool, fabulously intelligent people.

Figuring out if the Bible is the Word of God, meaning all it says literally, or whether it is just nice Moral teaching from another soup:

One of all sorts of previous religions. . .well, that is Faith issue.

Not a brain issue.

I am not hear saying I have enough faith, but I am here telling you, for me personally, "There is a living God; He has spoken in the Bible; He means what He says and will do all He has promised." - Hudson Taylor (English missionary in the 1800s to China)