Politics, Friends and a Common Ground

Politics and friends.

It is often bizarre. It is typically cruel.

Animal Rescue generally lends to working with those who are often quite liberal. Farming is a mixed bag. You get radical liberals and conservatives. I'm conservative sometimes and not at all others. Whatever all that means.

I'm a farmer and an animal advocate. Already, it seems strange to most folks. I love Jesus and believes in the gift we have to live freely. I think we are mostly all broken and accountable for personal choices when it is all said and done, and I am sure we are not accountable to the religious folks in the here and now.

I know this nation is divided. It grows more and more as days pass.

I know we demonize everyone who doesn't think like we think. We decide what "they" are, and it is never good.

This is you, me, us.

I've done the same. I do it now, sometimes.

I then pause and remember I am "they" to someone, too.

We believe "they" are:








Believe in Jesus too much.

Do not believe in Jesus at all.

Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

That means "Us," least we forget, to someone.

Dear me.

If only we could remember, instead, "they" work beside us doing the same things we do, with the same passion, sometimes.

We might remember their children are friends of our children.

We might recall how they helped us when we had a need. . .not asking about politics beforehand, thank the Lord.

And Sometimes, we might remember, these people who believe unlike we do are not typically none of the above, and certainly not all, and simply, they do not agree with us.

Imagine that, If you can. Just. . .we don't agree.

I've found I cannot classify a person's value based on politics.

There are so many different understandings of words out there, yet how sure we are of "our" understanding of all the words and videos and contexts of all the things. "We" know, don't we?

Do I care deeply about my interpretation of freedom, rights, economics and ethics?

I do. They are not lightly held. My goodness. Never lightly.

But do I believe that what you actually do matters more than what you say and who you vote for?

I do.

I want you to care so much about people and this world, you do all you can fathom to make it better than before. It might not be what I imagined was best, but do something.

I believe, even if you do not, that we are the hands and body of Christ. I believe you must use that body. . .I wish folks all believed this same thing, but even if they never do, I will never decide their value exists only on their political theories and positions.

Political theory just doesn't factor into every day life that often.

As a conservative and sometimes liberal, liberty minded, tree hugging farmer and rescuer, IF and when I see you giving 100% more than most to make this world any version of kinder, better, more decent, more full of what is good. . .

I promise I will never determine your worth if your politics don't suit me.

In Ending . . .

How you live matters. What you say somehow matters much less than what you do.

What you do with your hands and heart and life can change everything.

Go change this mess with your body, as your words, my words. . .they will not do it.

I haven't seen and lived where you have. I haven't worked in the areas you have. I haven't carried the things you have carried.

You've not walked in mine.

Yet, I do live in the same world.

I want to know why decent people have such a gap between them.

But I've seen those who believe the polar opposite politically work beside me, work for all I work for and fight for what I know is worth something.

This holds more value than a political candidate selection, more than a Party affiliation ever could.

If you do not understand this, perhaps you are talking more than you're doing. . .

and you've already failed.