We are "something," too

Becoming "something" usually requires pieces be put together or molded from one shape to another, to another, to another overtime. . .
Did you ever mull over the fact. . .We are "something," too
You and I . .all of us.
We do not start out whole. Frankly, many of us do not end up whole, but we are always being shaped. At least, I hope so.
To be able to see something finished, there is a process.
It usually isn't fun.
Think about when you brought home a box that fit neatly in the backseat of your Civic, but when opened, you see 1,200 pieces which somehow fit together to make an entertainment center and the directions are in Korean. Right? You have been there. I have, too. Literally and figuratively.
Who knew we had so much in common with the boxed entertainment set from Korea, eh?
When assembling much of anything, some pieces are attached roughly. Then when we can't figure it out, we leave a few pieces off to make do until completion is possible. Some bits are applied with extreme pressure, some pieces seem to take forever to fit, some snap right in hastily. Some parts are smooth, others jagged. Some are added with care, with consideration, with precision, with such thought. Maybe those, we know, will not be hidden in the back, but will be out there for everyone to see? Sometimes piece gets torn off, they do not work, they are lost, they need reworked. We don't mind to leave the parts friends and family will not see a bit undone, do we?
Not entirely unlike the Korean boxed furniture, You're being shaped, but thankfully, unlike mere objects, you are the author, and even if you cannot find the "directions," you do have what it takes to figure it out and be in control of what you become, even if it feels as if that is not always the case.
There is value in each step, and then value in the whole process.
Each day, you are adding, removing or reshaping pieces. You.
Not someone or something else, folks. . .just like entertainment piece you bought and put together in the living room. If it ends up awesome, pat yourself on the back. If not, go back to the drawing board and fix it, friends.