Child Protection: Who are We Kidding?

I am so tired of our worthless, worthless system.

It fails every single time.

I hate it. 

Our Child Protection System is an abomination. It works to save the parents and destroys children over and over.

And you know what? Do not tell me about being pro life when you aren't actively working to save the children in these situations. 

I do not want to hear you. Be quiet.

I am tired of it. I am for life, and I want to see children being tortured here day in and out saved first. 

I spent a year as CASA. I gave up. I quit because this state REFUSES TO protect children. REFUSES. 

Do not be fooled. 

Children are destroyed and abused and mutilated, and the worthless states in America do nothing.

I know better than to believe "these things happen" and the authorities aren't aware. I have called. I have reported. I have begged for help for children, and they ignore it. The state police, the DHHR and the Child Abuse hotline.


In West Virginia and in Texas and everywhere beyond and in between.

Frankly, until we can do better than this, I do not want to hear about terrorism, abortion, welfare, our borders, drug addiction or the economy. 

Shut up.

Fix this. Then talk about something else.