I've loved Jesus My whole life. This may seem a strange post, if you're not from rural West Virginia, but. . .

I've loved Jesus My whole life. This may seem a strange
post, if you're not from rural West Virginia where there is 95% religion and only 5% Jesus moving about, but. . .
My mother laid a foundation that could never be moved. It is
solid. The best. Concrete. She accomplished a lot if you know me, as I question
everything. 12 times. In the end, I'm convinced.
I have believed in love and kindness and Jesus from the time
I could speak. I knew his words. I know them forward, backward and through unto
my soul. I knew he had power. I've seen the miraculous.
I grew older, and I became discouraged. The people claiming
"Christ" ruined everything he said. I thought, "If these are his
people, then he isn't real at all."
They took him and all he was and tore him apart.
They destroyed Christ. I let people who had no idea what he
said or meant influence far more than I should have, really.
I knew who he was when I was young. He was magnificent. He
was Love. He inspired Awe. I had to get to a place I ignored the
"followers" to even believe in HIM once again.
Religion did her best to ruin him, and I am thankful he is
greater than the mess the people I've know have made of him. My word, Yes,
greater than that mess.
The church I know and see all over makes the life I lead
where religion doesn’t matter and kindness to mankind and animals matters.
Well, fact is, I love being being "fringe."
This suits me quite well. I could explain why, but I don't
think it is needed. I've known the Lord my whole life. I think I need to rely
on what I know at this point.
When I could move the "followers" out of the way,
I remembered he knows me. He crafted me to be the person I am. Not for me to do
whatever I want, but in a way that if I listen to him, he will direct me in a
unique way that doesn’t need to fit into a religious mold.
He thought there was value here. I am quite sure of that,
and the Modern Church has no place in my life or in Christianity.
I hope believers can find a way to figure it out sooner than
later, but until then, you can find me over there. . .Saying, "Jesus is
real. he loves you. Me. Horses. Goats. He loves them all." Thank God