Now I lay be down to sleep, and no matter who is elected, I pray the Lord my Soul to Keep

Tomorrow, no matter what happens, we are still in a country together unless you've got the bags packed and are headed out.
If you are, good luck wherever you go.
I hope all sides that claim to care and be tolerate and love folks mean it. Proof is in the pudding and such, on ALL sides: Side A, B and C. There is a C, after all.
I guess we will see whether they are all serious, won't we?
Things don't always go the way we believe is needed, do they? I've lived through various major elections. Some went my way, others didn't.
We can be hysterical and encourage actions which do not fit into the kindness spectrum, and then again, we can act like Americans.
There are folk who will argue for their poor behavior, defend it and explain why they are uniquely qualified to make a call on good, bad and so forth. They are able to judge all.
There are those who will gloat and be unkind.
There are decent folks that do not fall into those categories above.
Here is to THOSE people. Hold us together. We will need it because I fear the other folks are going to make it hard to stay together.