A Word of Caution on Livestock Guard Dogs

This is worth reading as a word of caution about Livestock guard dogs. While I have known many a wonderful Anatolian, the bite rate is notably higher when compared to Great Pyrenees. This is due, in part, we assume to the fact Pyrs guard by bark and presence more than by attack (again, this is generally).
In areas with Wolves, Bear and Mountain Lions, Pyrs are not usually aggressive enough to defend livestock, and frankly, Anatolians aren't sizable and aggressive enough, either.
That all said, be careful when working with protection dogs. They take their jobs seriously. Children should never be the ones handling livestock these dogs take to be "theirs" to protect, and be wary if a dog begins to treat the animals too much like their own.
At the end of the day, you can never be too trusting with guard animals, bulls, horses and so forth. They are animals, and instincts are beyond the scope of what man can train out completely.

Below are the details of what happened to us yesterday here at Alderman Farms. The accompanying photos were taken...
Posted by Tommy Alderman on Saturday, December 10, 2016