Legitimate compassion has no limitations

While I wrote this several years ago addressing something a bit different. . . today it is still a much needed reminder.
Cherry picking about decency for lives doesn't work.
----------->>> We have no right to be carelessly or calculatingly cruel to any being. . .
It should be able to go without mentioning that this includes going beyond those you "like," including children, the poor, the dejected, the elderly and animals, but in this world, any of those I just mentioned are willfully excluded under all sorts of convenience clauses. Because you do not like it changes nothing about the fact you cannot be cruel to anything with some inalienable right.
Clauses do not exist with compassion, folks. That door is closed. It isn't even a door.
How very inconvenient this is to some, though.
"Kids annoy me, so. . ."
"I am not a dog person, so. . ."
"I own that creature, so. . ."
"They are poor because they want to be, so. . . "
"Old people don't move quick enough to suit me, so. . ."
While you may not want to build a life with kids, dogs, the homeless all packed in a nursing home full of the elderly, you do need to understand that should you exclude beings from rating kindness, the problem is within You. And you do not have any inalienable right to be cruel.
You can believe in accountability, live child-free and not pick up every stray animal you see and still have ethics and compassion in tow.
The is quite a difference in folks who care for all beings and those who claim to care greatly about select beings (which really makes me suspect they care about none at all).
How often this comes up. . .the Compassion clause. Folks use it however they want . . you know what I am talking about, I am sure.
Lovers of America's unborn, haters of the children of the poor. Lovers of the poor children, disregarders of the unborn. Lovers of "American Freedom. . ." sure we need to guard our rights to do whatever we wish to animals we own. Freedom fighters who believe only the lives here matter in our country. Those who Love cheap tomatoes and hate pickers of their food. I could go on, but I bet I do not need to.
What on Earth does all this even mean?
You do not have the right, whether in America or not, whether there is an appropriate law or not. . .to perpetuate cruelty or to neglect beings able to feel that neglect.
Do not tell people in one breath all your concerns about preservation of human lives, and then in another breath tell us how we have to guard our ability to tie our dogs on ropes behind the trailer without shelter in 5 degree weather.
You know, because assuring the right to neglect animals here or children (once out of the womb). . .THAT is exercising American Freedom. . .or something?
Legitimate compassion has no limits, folks.
You do not have the right to do absolutely whatever you wish with those under your care: Be they children, your feeble parents or your dogs. This also applies to other beings not under your care but living on this earth.
No state or person or law can give you that right, and laws governing the care you provide are really simple writings of what should be an accepted moral code.
If the type of compassion you have excludes certain age groups, socioeconomic groups or ends at humankind. . . you're just packing around an agenda. . .masquerading it as kindness. . .
That isn't what it is. Just so you know.
(In an otherwise serious post, please have a laugh at my meme creator's autocorrect I didn't catch of Tinia into Tina)