Nothing you All Say Speaks to me, as a woman. . .

My social media feed is full of everyone talking about women, and none of these posts speak for me.
None speak for me, really.
I've never been less than strong and confident and capable.
Not even in a small portion.

I can speak for myself.

That doesn't mean I've always been treated equally, either. 
I am the daughter of a man who could never value a woman in the same way he valued a man. I was less because I was me instead of him. . .
But I loved him. He was incredible and nothing he thought about women made his value less to me.
I am a woman who has not once, but many more times than once known abuse as a child, teenager and adult because I was a girl, a woman, but I still believe in life . . .even when that fear which is spoken about so often has been very real to me.
I was a teenage mom.
A single mom.
A girl without a clue what on Earth to do without a support system at 21 years old with a 2 year old little boy in tow when trying to go to college in a backward town's community college.
I've been alone.
so taken advantage of and sad.
so very alone.
But I've been capable, smart and sure of myself, too. I've seen opportunity to create change, to matter, to be an equal.
I know it isn't perfect.
Believe me when I say my heart and soul and mind never forget what a great price women can pay for being girls, for being women. . .
But there is this line where we can take advantage of being women, just as men can, and we can decide to be victims and revel in that choice.
Life gives us no assurance of a happily ever after.
You can't charge another being with anothers transgression, either.
Frankly, life is never equal. And there are areas we must still work on,
and always will we find these areas.
If you're born richer, better looking, smarter, more driven, thinner and / or under the right sign, you have an advantage.
Life isn't fair.
It is always going to be largely what you make of it.
I would never say accept anything that is wrong, cruel or harmful. Always work to make everything better in all aspects. . .
But never forget that. . .
Life isn't fair. It never will be. Even if you start even, events will and can put you at an advantage or disadvantage.
Your life and experience is always going to be largely what you make of it.