Illusions of Milk, Cheese and Dairy Goats: The truth is, you probably won't like it or stick with it, so don't waste your time

I know I've talked about this a lot, but the romance and idealism that comes before a person
takes the leap into dairy animals is nothing short of rapturous, BLINDING.

Of all the people I've known who entered dairy animals soon after I did, almost none lasted two years, and I actually cannot think of enough to mention still seriously milking and operating as a small dairy farmer.

This applies to goats and cattle.

Folks, it is tremendous work. I cannot stress this enough. It is also expensive. It isn't charming, fun or romantic.

It is valuable and worthwhile, but it is something most people simply will not enjoy. Not at all.

The problem is that animals that are raised much like pets are involved in this wishy-washy mess. And as a novice breeder, buyer and seller, the animals you sell are at GRAVE risk of being sold to people who will provide questionable care and who will sell the goats (or cattle) even quicker than you have, the first failed dairy farmer of the animal's life, and eventually, that once lovely animal a long time breeder cared for is tied to a rope riddled with parasites and starving or waiting to be ran through auction where a sad fate awaits a once cherished animal because someone did not research what "milking" really means.

Please, folks, do not think buying livestock is something you have a right to do willy nilly. Sure, you're in America, and you can do a lot of things that aren't decent or ethical because you want to, but it doesn't mean you really have a right to or should.

Dairy animals are a life changing choice on a farm. They are significantly more work than ANY other livestock and more costly.

If  you feel you don't have free time now, without dairy cows or goats, let me assure YOU, You do not have time for dairy on your place.