You just do whatever makes your soul sing

It is hard to say who we might become if we stopped allowing what others say impact what we do, say and think.
I find people often make assessments about folks because of the most ridiculous things.
One's Car.
One's Hair.
Heck. . . an accent.
Beyond that, it gets more personal, but no less superficial. Broken people. . .breaking people. It is quite the cycle.
Because I believe women are powerful, strong and capable of many, many things does not mean I do not love a good push up bra and stilettos.
Do not tell me what a strong women is and then tell me how I must live to be one, ya'll.
Because I think nothing of heading out shopping in muck boots, a torn up sweat shirt, sans makeup with hair I could have washed 3 days ago but felt it could wait does not mean I cannot love an opportunity to wear a cocktail dress and dramatic eyeshadow.
Do not tell me what confidence is and then tell me what it looks like. I know what it looks like for me. You worry about you.
Because I am thrilled beyond measure to have left the baby and toddler stage WAY behind me to never visit it again does not mean I did not enjoy my little fellows back then.
Do not tell me I need to be a baby factor to have loved my kiddos.
Because I chose to not leave them anyone else when they were little, co-slept- carried them in slings, never let them cry it out for a second and breastfed them all until polite society though it questionable doesn't mean I believe motherhood was my only or primary calling.
Do not tell me that by giving my little boys all the care they needed when they were new means I found value no where else.
Because I now pursue callings beyond being a "Mommy" doesn't mean these growing boys will be damaged or harmed.
See, the point is that folks cannot be pleased with you and wish to put you in a box or a few that line up how they like.
You're too pretty. Too tall. Not quite perfect enough. You are too thin. You need to loose a few pounds. You don't have enough meat here or there. You think you're better than you are. Don't know you're good enough. Don't work hard enough. Do not ever take a break. Are just a mom. You aren't mom enough. You are silly. You're too serious. You laugh too much. Not enough. You aren't feminist enough.You are a femi-nazi. You are a sinner. Lord, love Jesus too much. You're too conservative. You're turning liberal, aren't you? You think too much of yourself. Stop and worry about yourself, won't you?
If you let people, the broken ones, they will pick you apart and throw you out with the trash in an effort to build themselves up.
You just do whatever makes your soul sing.
It works