The story of a friend: I will always remember her as what she was to me. . .and that was a beautiful friend when I needed one so many years ago.

"1,200 Good Days Are Not Always Enough"

How to Properly Disbud a Goat kid and why you should do it

I just wish I could remember one with her instead of that once again it comes without her.

Hatching Chicks in an Incubator

A year ago today, I wrote the most defining set of words of my life, I reckon. . .

"Christmas Puppies for Kids"

West Virginia. Not Wonderful. Not Almost Heaven. Not for Children.

Wearing "Slutty" Clothing Makes Men Rape Women

You just do whatever makes your soul sing

This hat and memories and things. . .

Illusions of Milk, Cheese and Dairy Goats: The truth is, you probably won't like it or stick with it, so don't waste your time